The Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art To Wear, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine's Day Nail Art
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We love love, and we love expressing it through our beauty looks. For us, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day nails to match your heartfelt desires is a fun, exciting moment. However, with so many options to choose from, it can also be an overwhelming experience. After all, we want to express the right sentiment through our nails and get it just right.

Fortunately, we can always turn to the stars and ask them to help guide our decision making — nail art included. So, we found the best Valentine's Day nail looks for your zodiac sign — they align perfectly with your love language and personality. Now, you can wear your emotions on your tips as you celebrate this romantic holiday.

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valentine's day nails x zodiac

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It’s important for you to wear nail art that is extra special — particularly one that sets your passionate feelings apart from the rest. The vibrant spirit of these nails will get your fiery vibe going and will give you the confidence boost you need to ask your crush out for a Valentine’s to remember.

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valentine's day nails taurus

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Flaunting glamorous nails with gold charms is an amazing way to show your lover how much you adore them. Being that your planetary ruler is Venus, the extra bling will be a source of affection as it adds extra sparkle to your nail art. 

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valentine's day nails

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Being the most communicative and talkative sign of the zodiac means you’ll wear your feelings on your nails this Valentine’s Day. Putting your emotions out there will be beneficial to your love life and intimate relationships.

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valentines day nail art

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A sugary and delicate vibe is ideal nail art for your pincers. After all, your heart is pure and refined, which is why you will lust after this candy-inspired look.

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valentine's day nails

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Since you always want to make a big splash — these sunny nail art designs are the perfect fit for this Valentine’s Day. The array colors with gold accents will remind you how regal your intentions and heart is for others. 

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valentine's day nails virgo

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Never one to go over the top with your nail art or heart, you’ll relish over a simple look.

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valentine's day nails

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Ombré nails are a great way to create balance in your love life and allow you to always keep your lover close to your heart. In these romantic tones, like soft red and pink, you can awaken feelings deep inside.

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valentine's day nails x zodiac

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Your innate sensual nature won’t be ignored when wearing this nail art. In fact, the kissy lips will remind you how much you want to pucker up and get cozy with your crush this Valentine’s Day.

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valentine's day nails

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Every day is a party for you, dear archer. Therefore, you should decorate your nails with fun and exciting adornments. Not only will it make a statement about your exciting love life, but you’ll be reminded to approach your relationships with a cool and breezy attitude.

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valentine's day nail art

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Valentine’s Day always brings out the softer and romantic side to your demeanor, which is why you’ll gladly parade around with these sweet nails.

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valentine's day nails zodiac sign

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You make loving fun, which is all the more reason to adorn your nails with this stylish look. People will chat about your nails, which can lead to more friends and community building — even a possible date — as no one can rock this vibe better than you.

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valentine's day nail art pisces

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This beautiful nail art reflects your true romantic nature — a splendid and amazing flower set adrift in the sea. Wearing this gorgeous set of nails will help you connect with your heart and spirit on Valentine’s Day. Once you start to love yourself, then the world will soon follow.

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