I’m a Picky Shopping Editor, and I Can’t Stop Buying Cozy Winter Tops From This Surprising Brand

There are so many affordable options.

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Urban Outfitters Fall Favorites

Courtesy Urban Outfitters

The last time I took inventory of my winter wardrobe and addressed its shortcomings was in 2016 (I know.) As I was doing my seasonal wardrobe switch, I realized I really didn’t have much in the way of cozy essentials, and the few things I did have were threadbare. 

I accumulated a number of new long-sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, cardigans, sweaters, etc. and was surprised to find that a disproportionately large number of my favorites were from Urban Outfitters; among them, the Out From Under Bella Thermal Top, the UO McKinley Collared Cardigan, the UO Finley Cropped Turtleneck, and the BDG Tyla Turtleneck

If you just read that and thought, “Okay, but I’m not a teenager,” I hear you, but the brand has changed. Yes, you can still find those tapestries hung on the walls of college dorms, but Urban Outfitters is also now home to chic slip dresses, '70s-inspired platform boots, and a ton of cozy winter items that will quickly become your wardrobe staples. 

To further convince you, I have a few things to say about the store in general: First, the price is right. With inflation as high as it is, everything everywhere has gotten so expensive — we can all feel it. Most UO pieces are usually right in that sweet spot of affordability (AKA the $35 to $60 range). Second, while its sizing is not as inclusive as it could be, I find that it’s usually accurate. An XL feels like an XL — not a small tagged incorrectly. Plus, some of its clothes actually do go up to XXXL. Lastly, as I have said a few times, there are a ton of everyday wardrobe pieces that are youthful but still grown up and classic. So, let’s get into the Urban Outfitters pieces I have come to covet.

Out From Under Bella Thermal Top

Out From Under Bella Thermal Seamed Long Sleeve Top

Urban Outfitters

Shop now: $32 (Originally $45); urbanoutfitters.com

This top is so warm, it rivals some of my chunky sweaters. I love the waffle knit, slightly cropped fit, and exposed contrasting seams. Although this is as warm as any thermal I’ve ever tried (maybe even warmer) it is aesthetically far from the frumpiness of long johns. I have this in the color ‘rose,’ but there’s an 80 percent chance I’ll get it in black, too, since it’s currently 30 percent off. 

UO McKinley Collared Cardigan

UO McKinley Collared Cardigan

Urban Outfitters

Shop now: $59; urbanoutfitters.com

I will preface my adoration for this cardigan by noting that it is difficult, but not impossible to unbutton. That being said, I only had to deal with this issue once as I like to wear the McKinley Cardigan open. It’s giving Meg Ryan in her rom-com era, which is high praise. 

UO Finley Cropped Turtleneck

UO Finley Cropped Turtleneck Sweater

Urban Outfitters

Shop now: $59; urbanoutfitters.com 

This turtleneck is a high-fashion moment thanks to its elevated, minimalist vibe. The sleeves are cinched at the wrist to add some shape and the body of the sweater flares, which I have found great for layering on top of dresses and pairing with skirts. I’d also be remiss not to mention that this feels somehow softer than cashmere, with none of the irritation. 

BDG Tyla Turtleneck

BDG Tyla Turtleneck Top

Urban Outfitters

Shop now: $35; urbanoutfitters.com

This is the everyday white T-shirt of turtlenecks, but  it comes in five colors. The material is thin yet warm with a flattering slim fit that makes it great for wearing under layers when you need to bundle up, though it also works on its own for those brisk but not cold fall days. 

Those are my four favorites, but head to Urban Outfitters to browse through dozens of cozy wardrobe options

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