The 7 Best Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Bonus: They're incredibly easy to DIY.

The Best Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair


Whoever said that short hair isn't versatile couldn't be more wrong. You can go sleek and straight, play up your natural curls, or go all out with fun hair accessories — really, the world is your oyster. And this is especially true when it comes to updos.

Updos for short hairstyles are not only possible, but they can also offer an easy way to change up your look. From mini ponytails to space buns, there are countless ways to style short hair.

But if you don't know where to start or need an easy how-to, we've turned to the experts for some guidance. Below, Bumble and bumble NYC flagship salon stylist Lily Mauro Arceo and Dyson ambassador and celebrity stylist Matthew Collins break down the seven best updos for short hairstyles that you should try ASAP.

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Half-Up Half Down

Kate Mara


Half-up half down styles are especially great for short hair when you're looking for a more casual vibe. If you have straight hair, Collins likes to first add a textured wave to hair using the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener. Then, section hair from behind each ear and gather in a ponytail. For added detail, he likes to then cover the base of the pony with a bow.

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Sporty Space Buns

hailey bieber


Another dynamic style that's simple to DIY? Space buns. Simply part your hair down the middle and put them in two ponytails, says Collins. Then, wrap a small section of hair around the base of one ponytail and secure it with a pin at the top of your head. Repeat on the other side. To give it a sporty vibe, have your buns sit a little loose up on the crown.

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Knotted Updo


If your short hair has some length to it (think a lob), this will be fairly easy to do. First, add lots of texture spray to give strands some grit before styling, says Collins. Then, section hair into two ponytails that sit on top of each other at the back of the head, with one sitting low at the nape of the neck and the other, just above it. Twist the ends until you get that knotted look and you're good to go.

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Half Bun

Margot Robbie

A half-up bun makes for an effortless updo for short hairstyles. Section off a small portion of hair from the behind each ear and gather them into a ponytail at the back of the crown of your head, securing it with a hair tie, says Collins. Then, just you're about to do your final loop, fold the ends into a bun at the top of your head and secure it.

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Curly Ponytail

Constance Wu


Ponytails aren't only for those with length. A mini pony is an easy way to keep hair out of your face while looking put together. Pull your hair back and secure it into place towards the nape of your neck, allowing loose layers to fall out and frame the face, says Collins.

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Bantu Knots

KiKi Layne


For short natural hair, bantu knots are a great option—and, bonus, serve as a protective hairstyle as well. Depending how much length you have, you can opt for four big knots like Kiki Layne or go with mini ones all over.

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Low Chignon

Janelle Monáe


First, apply a volumizer, like the Bumble and bumble Bb. Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse, to damp hair for some fullness before sweeping it into a low bun, says Arceo. Once you've dried your hair, section it off and make two small ponytails at the nape of your neck. Then you'll want to flip the ends up and cross them into an X-shape before wrapping them to get that chignon. (If your hair isn't long enough to wrap, you can also use bobby pins to secure them in the X-shape.)

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