This Celebrity Hair Stylist-Approved Product Is the Only Thing That Detangles My Knotted Hair

I’ve been using it for over a decade.

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Hair Detangler Review

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The first time I saved up to have my hair done by celebrity hair stylist Riawna Capri (who’s most recently known for turning Cara Delevingne’s mane into a delicious terracotta shade), she changed my life, but probably not in the way you'd expect. Yes, the cut she gave me was flattering, and yes, the sunkissed highlights I got were astonishingly natural-looking, but it was her product recommendation — the Unite 7Seconds Detangler — that has had the biggest impact on me (and my strands).

I have super fine hair — the type that attracts every type of tangle, from the matted and mangled to the tight and tiny. This means it requires special treatment to help avoid tangle overload, so I brush it periodically throughout each day from ends-to-roots. My hair when wet, however, is a whole other story; it would take me up to 15 minutes to comb through, which never not tested my patience and tolerance for pain.

And that brings us back to that day at the salon. Before even attempting to comb my hair, Capri spritzed it with Unite's 7Seconds Detangler and then brushed through it with almost as much ease as icing a cake. The leave-in conditioner is meant to be used on clean, towel-dried hair, and its superpower abilities come from its powerful ingredients: Panthenol and amodimethicone moisturize and condition hair to help strands slip out of knots, while hydrolyzed rice protein helps strengthen hair and prevent breakage from the tangles.

UNITE Hair 7SECONDS Detangler


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I, obviously, bought the product when settling my bill that day, and over ten years later (and probably about a dozen bottles later), I still use it after every single hair wash. It’s helped me comb through my mane relatively pain-free, and gives it a soft and hydrated look and feel. Not only that, but my hair feels fuller and healthier than it did pre-7Seconds, too.

I’m certainly not the only one who’s gushing over this product. According to the brand, over 3.5 million bottles of the 7Seconds Detangler have been sold, and it’s garnered over 6,000 five-star ratings on Amazon to boot. As one reviewer wrote, "it truly does condition and detangle your hair in seven seconds," and many agree. For those of us with super fine and/or long hair, it might take a little longer, but still an impressively short amount of time.

“My hair used to be a hassle to comb through after the shower,” wrote another reviewer. “Now I use it every time I get out of the shower and it tones down my frizziness, detangles, and keeps my hair feeling lighter than other products that weigh it down!” That’s the crazy thing — despite delivering moisture to strands, it doesn’t cause hair to fall flat; mine is still miraculously light and bouncy after use.

If you, too, have knotty hair, do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Unite's 7Seconds Detangler while it’s on sale for a little less on Amazon. Your hair (and your patience) will thank you.

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