4 Experts Share Their Unexpected Sources of Fashion Inspiration

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Where 4 Experts Find Unexpected Fashion Inspiration

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Taking style cues from the runway is a no-brainer, but there’s plenty of fashion inspiration to be found in your day-to-day life. You just have to keep your eyes peeled. Here, four experts, including a celebrity stylist and one of our own editors, reveal some of the unexpected things that influence their personal style, from the all-new Genesis G90 to a whimsical Parisian cafe.

Dani Michelle, LA/NYC-Based Stylist

GENESIS NATIVE: Where 4 Experts Find Unexpected Fashion Inspiration

Instagram @danixmichelle

“I’m inspired by my friends, social media, and all of the special memories that fill my mind. I try to surround myself with other creative visionaries in the business because it pushes me to hustle harder.

“I leave it to social media to connect me with people I don’t know personally, whether that’s another stylist, a fashion designer, a painter, or a singer. I’m inspired by their homes, their day-to-day routines, and more. All these moments get filed into my memory and shine through my work and lifestyle.

“I’m also inspired by the world around me. For example, I was recently lucky enough to be driven around in an all-new Genesis G90 during fashion week. The sleek design of the car reminded me of the structure and confidence found in monochromatic menswear. Clothing is just as artistic as the world we live in.”

Omenaa Boakye, Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle Journalist

Where 4 Experts Find Unexpected Fashion Inspiration

Courtesy of Omenaa Boakye

“I’ve loved fashion since I was a child. I think I got it from my mother. She has always been very fashionable and has a great eye for what looks good. I’ve been styling for a number of years and I’d say what brings me the most joy is making someone look and feel their best.

“Fashion and style is really unique and I don’t think there’s a universal look that works for everyone. Even if you like following the latest trends, it’s important to add your own flair and make it individual to you.

“As a stylist, I find that I am always looking at what people are wearing. I love to see how different cultures interpret style and fashion because it influences what I wear, especially when I’m traveling. For example, I love the wax print fabrics that people wear in Ghana. The prints are so vibrant and each one tells a story of its own. Even the simplest dress comes to life when made in this material.”

Samantha Sutton, Senior Fashion Editor 

Where 4 Experts Find Unexpected Fashion Inspiration

Instagram @samanthasutton

“Sometimes I get inspired by unusual and unique color combos in decor or even architecture—like two houses situated next to each other that are just so beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It inspires me to dress in similar shades.

“I also love gathering inspiration from film, TV, or specific eras. I love looking at iconic movie outfits and modernizing them or recreating those looks with my own clothing.

“Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to dress like the 1950s, breaking out full, mid-length skirts and cardigans. Other times, I’ll channel Y2K with mini dresses and cutouts. I enjoy the variety and it all depends on how I’m feeling that day.”

Lindsay Hofmann, Co-Founder of Julliet Swimwear

Where 4 Experts Find Unexpected Fashion Inspiration

Instagram @lindsayraehofmann

“Juillet was co-founded alongside my best friend, Whitney Wilkerson, in 2016. Our brand name Juillet, meaning 'July' in French, came from a few trips we took together in Paris. We found ourselves constantly inspired by the beauty of French culture: the language, Parisian lifestyle, fashion and architecture.

“With our travels initially inspiring the concept of the brand, a French word seemed fitting. We loved Juillet because it felt feminine, poetic and unique. We also loved how it would silently represent us both, with July our shared birth month. 

“With both of us having years of experience within the beachwear space, we felt like the market was oversaturated with sporty silhouettes. We wanted to bring a brand to the market that was elevated and feminine. 

“After a long day of shopping for inspiration, it wasn't until we walked into a little cute hidden cafe that we found it. Inside, there was a massive dried floral installation on the ceiling that was romantic and feminine,  with a touch of bohemian whimsy—every aspect of what we wanted our pieces to represent. It was the main source of inspiration for our exclusive eyelet material, which is now our best-selling fabric.”

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