I'm a Beauty Editor, and I've Already Finished 2 Bottles of This Rarely On-Sale Serum

My skin hasn't been the same since using it.

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My skin hasn't been the same since using this supermodel-used serum that's finally on sale

U Beauty

I read and hear a lot of “you don’t actually need toner” slander, and to those people, I say you’ve obviously never had a very oily, congested complexion. I need the constant oil reduction, chemical exfoliation, and sloughing away of skin cells of a toner if I want anything close to a smooth complexion. While I have come across some good, even great, products in the last decade, U Beauty’s currently on-sale Resurfacing Compound is in a class of its own; it’s literally changed the base state of my skin. 

I was initially apprehensive about getting rid of my toner and using this in its place, but it purported to have the same benefits and then some. This (almost) all-in-one claims to smooth, brighten, reduce pore size, lift dark spots, speed up cell turnover, exfoliate, and hydrate skin. It also claims to reduce wrinkles, but I’m in my late 20s so I can’t speak to that. But it did, in fact, do everything else to a stunning degree. 

Resurfacing Compound

U Beauty

Shop now: $70 (Originally $88); ubeauty.com 

I first noticed a difference in my skin after a week, but it was at the six-week mark when I realized just how drastically different my skin looked. Not to mention, the longer I use it, the better and better my skin becomes. My skin glows, and it’s smooth, my pores are almost invisible, many of my old dark spots are gone and the others are the lightest they’ve ever been, my complexion is and gets less oily, and every other product in my routine works better. A quick look at the ingredient list will explain how all of those benefits are squeezed into one bottle — it’s packed with brightening vitamin C, cell-protecting vitamin E, exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and skin-smoothing retinol

So far, I’ve gone through one small (15 ml) and one medium (30 ml) bottle, and I’m now using the large 50 ml bottle. I don’t say this lightly — U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound is the single most transformative skincare product I’ve ever tried. 

With all of that being said, there is one major obstacle — the price. Yes, this is expensive. The 15 ml bottle is $88 ($70 on sale), the 30 ml $148 ($118 on sale), and the 50 ml $228 ($182 on sale). So this sale, which is rare for U Beauty, is the perfect time to experience the transformative benefits of the Resurfacing Compound. I will also say this formula is very thin: I use less than half a pump of the bottle to cover my face and chest so even the smallest size should last you more than three months. 

Head to U Beauty to shop the very rarely on-sale and personally skin-changing benefits of the Resurfacing Compound

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