This Minimalist, Affordable Skincare Brand Is the Epitome of French-Girl Chic

Typology makes pared-down and effective skincare products.

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Typology Lip Oil


People often ask me about the beauty brands that actually excite me in such an oversaturated marketplace. I personally think that’s an easier question to answer with makeup brands and becomes infinitely more difficult when it comes to skincare. There is just so much out there, and while some brands have a great hero product or two, there are few where the entire line excites me. Typology, however, is the exception

Born in Paris, Typology is the epitome of chic French minimalism in both its aesthetic and mentality. Most of the products come in semi-opaque brown bottles reminiscent of vintage pharmaceutical products with the active ingredients and their percentage listed in typewriter font. The products are also pretty affordable relative to the skincare landscape; most products are somewhere between $18-$35. Think of this as an elevated, French version of The Ordinary

It’s a great solution for ingredient-focused and knowledgeable shoppers (such as myself). I like to be able to look at the front of a bottle and quickly decipher whether or not it’s for me. For example, I know my skin likes caffeine and salicylic acid, but isn’t fond of blue tansy and most retinols.

If you don’t know what ingredients your skin likes, these are still great options. The back of the bottles tells you what skincare concerns it targets, like “eyelashes and brows” or “dark circles and puffy eyes.” If the product ends up working for you, you very easily learn that it’s one of two, or maximum three, active ingredients that you should look for in future products. 

At this moment, there are over 120 products that cover every possible step of your skin care, hair care, and body care routine. There are also a few hybrid makeup products that are absolutely divine — tinted serums, eye cream concealers, etc. 

Because there are so many products, it can be difficult to know where to start. Below are six products to begin your Typology journey. 

Typology Caffeine Eye Serum

Eye Serum 5% Caffeine + 5% Niacinamide


Shop now: $18;

The dark circles around my eyes are incredibly rude and aggressive. It seems like one day I just woke up with them and they’ve been there since. This serum is so thin, almost like water, and just seeps into my skin instantly. It also had a remarkable instant effect, thirty seconds after applying I remarked out loud, “oh wow, that worked quick. That can’t be right?!” 

I thought maybe I had some panda mascara residue and that it had simply wiped it away, but no — every time I apply this serum, my eyes are instantly brighter. The long-term benefits of caffeine and niacinamide are great, too; I’ve noticed that my wrinkles aren’t as deep and my dark circles are less drastic. 

Typology Tinted Serum

Tinted Serum Vitamin C, Squalane & Aloe Vera


Shop now: $38;

Okay, this could give another very popular serum that I won’t mention by name a real run for its money. I find other tinted serums to be patchy, and oily, and make me wish I had just reached for a foundation instead.

This one is nothing like that. It looks like my skin drinks it up and becomes its best self. It conceals unevenness in my complexion, redness, and pores. The vitamin C and squalane also brighten and hydrate my complexion in the long run. 

As one of the 1,000 plus five-star reviewers wrote, “in addition to the immediate cosmetic effect of even, dewy skin, I am also seeing results to the overall appearance of my bare skin. I have discarded all other serum foundations and concealers.” (Speaking of concealers, Typology also makes a great eye cream-concealer hybrid.)

Typology Tinted Lip Oil 

Tinted Lip Oil


Shop now: $24;

A lot of lip “oils” feel more like balms or glosses and that’s totally okay — but this one is exactly what it says it is. It’s light and non-sticky like an oil, but not at all runny or greasy. Thanks to jojoba oil, squalane, and vitamin E this is incredibly nourishing and softening. I’ve also found that it lasts on my lips for hours and in the long run has made me need less lip balm. 

It comes in a clear option as well as four other shades, all of which are universally flattering. I was personally hesitant by the color of the red and coral in the bottle, but when applied, it’s a very soft coat that just slightly adjusts your natural lips. 

Typology 10-Ingredient Hand Balm

10-Ingredient Hand Balm


Shop now: $19;

As I write this from the office I am just absolutely conjuring at how dry and sandpaper-like my hands feel because I have forgotten this hand cream at home and this cold air is sucking every drop of moisture out of me. 

This hyaluronic acid and coconut oil-formulated hand cream is an absolute dream, and I’m far from the only person who thinks so, it has nearly 200 perfect reviews. “It starts like a balm but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all,” one reviewer wrote, “it gets absorbed really fast.” 

Typology Nine-Ingredient Face Moisturizer

9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer


Shop now: $27;

If the nearly 1,400 five-star reviews are of any indication, this is potentially Typology’s pièce de résistance. As the name says there are only nine ingredients in this formula — the highlights being hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, glycerin, and glycol. What you’re getting is incredible hydration with no greasiness, a plumped complexion with reduced fine lines, and soft skin. 

One shopper called this moisturizer “perfect” and said, “I have sensitive, reactive, and dry skin… [this keeps] my skin moisturized until the evening, doesn't feel tight, and doesn't leave an oily film.”

Typology Eyebrow and Lash Serum

Eyebrow & Lash Serum 2% Pea Peptides + Castor Oil


Shop now: $23;

Now that I have seen the power of lash serums for myself, I am trying any I can get my hands on — which includes Typology’s Eyebrow and Lash Serum. I have been using it mainly on the innermost part of my eyebrows which are somewhat patchy. 

After using this for a month, I have seen a noticeable improvement thanks to the combination of peptides, castor oil, and biotin. In tandem, these make my brows denser, softer, and stronger. 

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