The Buzzy Skincare Brand Behind a Mandy Moore-Used Eye Balm and an Editor-Loved Night Cream Is on Sale

Grab Tula's best-sellers in discounted Valentine's Day bundles.

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Tula Power Couples Duo Sale


Two is better than one, as the old adage goes. While hardly a universal truth (my sister, for instance, is lightyears better alone than with her ex), the sentiment certainly stands (re: skincare sales). Tula — an InStyle-approved purveyor of probiotic-packed products used by the likes of Mandy Moore and Jenna Dewan — has coupled 22 popular products into 11 discounted bundles. Specifically, the skincare duos are each 14 percent off — but only for a limited time. 

Dubbed the “Power Couples” sale, each twosome is aptly titled to reflect its combined bounties: ‘The Glow Beaus,’ for instance, includes the Luminous SPF and Brightening Rose eye balm; while the ‘Tinted True Loves’ tethers Tula’s Blurring primer with its Tinted brightening serum.  (You get the gist.) To sweeten the deal, you’ll also score free shipping with any Power Couple purchase. We found a few stand-out Tula Power Couples to shop before Valentines’ Day. 

Tula The Glow Beaus

Tula / Ulta

Shop now; $60 (Originally $70);

The Glow Beaus duo features two of my personal favorites from the brand: the Rose Glow and Get It Cool brightening eye balm and the Protect and Glow daily sunscreen. The first is one of the few eye balms I actually bother to use, thanks to its convenient stick format (swipe and go!) and the finely milled, light-reflecting mica that makes a visible difference in under eye brightness the moment you put it on. Additionally, the formula features hyaluronic acid, making it a win for hydrating and plumping dry, crease-prone under-eyes.

The second product, a broad-spectrum sunscreen, ranks as one of the best I’ve ever tried (which is saying a lot; I’ve dabbled in hundreds over the years). The formula feels unlike others I’ve slathered; it’s gel-like and super refreshing on the skin. The best part: it imparts an ethereal glow once absorbed into skin. The product is so popular, in fact, the brand created a super-sized version — which, naturally, I always have on hand.

Tula The Tinted True Loves


Shop now; $67 (Originally $78);

The Tinted True Loves duo supports bright, even-toned skin over time, while imparting an instant dose of dewy-skinned splendor. The first product, the Filter primer, quenches all skin types, brightens over time via licorice root, and bestows an instant skin-blurring effect. Ergo, it’s the perfect radiant base for any foundation — or for the duo’s second component, the Radiant Skin Brightening Serum skin tint sunscreen. Available in 30 shades, this multi-hyphenate product is as marvelous as is suggested in its name. In a single step, this breathable, luminous formula delivers SPF 30, plus a sheeny ‘no-makeup’ skin finish that works alone or under foundation. However you wear it, the product maintains its lightly-tinted glow factor for up to 12 hours.

Tula The Ageless Admirers


Shop now; $113 (Originally $132);

As its couple name suggests, the Ageless Admirers duo fends off signs of aging; namely, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. The first product, the Wrinkle Treatment drops, is a retinol alternative derived from three similarly line-fighting plants: bakuchiol, stevia, and alfalfa sprouts, per the brand. Also of note is squalane; derived, in this case, from olive oil, the ingredient softens skin and restores a youthful-looking firmness. The other half in the Ageless Admirers, the Protect and Plump Firming and Hydrating moisturizer, bolsters the previous product’s firming effect by way of collagen-promoting peptides. Ideal for all skin types, this moisturizer is notably lightweight, fast to absorb, and resistant to pilling. 

Tula The Clean Slate Sweethearts


Shop now; $69 (Originally $80);

The Clean Slate Sweethearts duo may sound cutesy, but its components, the Purifying face cleanser and the Secret Solution Pro-Glycolic 10 Percent Resurfacing Treatment toner, are decidedly hard-hitting. The cleanser is a bestseller in the prestige market, as per the brand, and beloved for its pore-purging properties. Paired with a gentle, non-stripping afterfeel, it’s a must for people who experience pore congestion on a regular basis. 

Tula The Hydrated Hunnies

Tula / Ulta

Shop now: $83 (Originally $96);

The Hydrated Hunnies quenches the complexion and functions as a flood of cool H2O for even the thirstiest skin. Specifically, the Power Swipes Hydrating Day & Night Treatment eye balm smooths the delicate under eye skin, and plumps fine lines with moisture-rich ingredients. The 24-7 Intense Ultra Hydrating Day and Night cream, a brand-new launch is a souped-up rendition of Tula’s original, best-selling Hydrating Day and Night cream. 

Shop Tula’s swoon-worthy Power Couples sale — and quickly. Like all good things, it will come to an end. 

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