Night Shift Nurses Rely on This Brightening Eye Balm for “Magically” Removing Dark Circles

They call it a “lifesaver.”

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Night Shift Nurses Call This Brightening and Tightening Eye Balm a “Lifesaver,” and It’s Just $30


I have the luxury of working a typical day job, but others are on a much more demanding schedule. Case in point: my night shift-working aunt. She’s a nurse who operates on a nocturnal clock and has told me about her late-night struggles; one of which is finding skincare products that meet the challenges of tired, sleep-deprived skin. That’s when I came across Tula’s Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm that nurses call a “lifesaver.” 

With over 3,100 rave reviews and ranking as one of the brand’s best sellers, it’s hard to compete with Tula’s eye balm. Just apply a few swipes of the eye balm to achieve a glowy under-eye solution for tired, dull skin and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The cooling sensation also provides a mini energy boost that simultaneously depuffs, smooths, and firms the skin. Best of all, it actually works — and real nurses are here to back up that claim. 

glow + get it cooling & brightening eye balm


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This eye balm is the sh*t,” exclaimed a night-shift nurse. “I have under-eye circles for days, and this eye balm is a lifesaver.” The nurse even goes on to say the cooling product “magically” vanished their dark circles, while another healthcare worker said the Tula eye balm “works wonders,” as their eyes are now “bright” and “tight.” Another shopper agreed, saying “this stick is seriously magic.”

These jaw-dropping results are all due to the incredible lineup of ingredients used in the formula. Combining caffeine, blueberries, and hyaluronic acid, which helps retain your skin’s natural moisture, the concoction delivers a hydrating punch to the eyes, and cultivates a lit-from-within luminosity similar to that of a highlight. 

Additionally, all skin types can lock in the benefits of Tula’s Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm — not just the ones with medical degrees. How do I know? I have combination and blemish-prone skin, and still, it works wonders. After cleansing my face, I simply swipe on the product and let it work its magic. Instantly, I look more revived and refreshed. I even reapply it throughout the day for the ultimate dazzling effect and recommend tossing a second tube in your bag for days when you’re on the go. Not only that, but I’ve tried dozens of eye creams and serums, and nothing works quite like this Tula product. 

This Tula Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm is one of the best under-eye treatments out there, and a bunch of night-shift nurses agree. It’s not only beyond easy to use, but it’s also quick, effective, and only $30. 

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