Try-On App FAQ

Try-On App FAQ

Where can I download the InStyle Hairstyle Try-On App? You can download the app from the Apple App Store:
Click here to download the FREE App!

What is included in the $5.99 Premium Version Upgrade to our premium version and you can:

  • - Choose from over 250+ styles
  • - Try on styles selected by InStyle editors such as the Best Cuts for Your '20s, Low Maintenance Work Hair and Wedding Hair
  • - Get personalized recommendations
  • - Check out new looks every week
Simply download the app to get started!

How do I access my saved makeovers? Your saved makeover photos are saved to the photo album on you iPad.

Where are my saved photos? You can view and delete your saved photos in My Stuff, which is in the bottom navigation bar (look for the star!)

I uploaded a photo and traced my features, but when I try on hairstyles they appear very tiny or warped, what am I doing wrong? This is most likely an error in the tracing process. Re-upload the photo and pay close attention to the tracing directions.

I have photos saved to my Hollywood Makeover account no, can I use those photos on my iPad? Yes! Tap Change Photo in the Stylebox and then select Hollywood Makeover from the popover. Once you sign-in, you will be able to sync all of your saved photos from Hollywood Makeover to the iPad application.

The application loads, but it keeps crashing. What's wrong? Loading over 300 gorgeous styles in the InStyle Hair Try-On uses memory on your iPad. You can free up memory on your device by closing the applications that you may not even know are running in the background.

  1. Double-tap the home button to view the apps that are currently running (row will appear below your home dock).
  2. Hold down an application icon.
  3. Tap the red minus sign on the applications you're not currently using. (This will NOT delete the app. Instead, it shuts down the app which has been running in the background since you last used it.)
  4. Click the home button once more.