Tower 28 Blush Review

This Cream Blush Is My Go-To For a Flirty, Radiant Glow

Everybody has that one makeup product they can't live without. Typically, people call out mascara or concealer as they're go-tos, and while I certainly use those products every day, I know I could live without them. The one product I truly do not want to go a day without, though, is blush.

Blush gives everyone a flush of color to their skin that makes them look healthier, more youthful, and IMHO, happier. I've felt that way ever since I was in middle school and testing makeup for the first time. As such, I've tried dozens, if not hundreds, of blushes since then in my quest for "the one."

There are many I love and keep near, but there's only one that I know I'll be replenishing for years to come: Tower 28's Beach Please Lip & Cheek Tint.

The cream blush melts into my skin to give it that no-makeup makeup look. But unlike other formulas that tend to fade as the day progresses, this one stays put. I love how you can't tell I'm wearing blush when I use it, and after I've put it on in the morning, I completely forget that it's there thanks to its weightless formula.

Tower 28 BeachPlease Blush


To shop: $20;

I'm partial to the Magic Hour shade, a rosy nude that makes me look sophisticated and chic. However, BeachPlease comes in seven shades: Golden Hour (burnt orange), After Hours (berry), Happy Hour (coral), Power Hour (terracota), Rush Hour (peach), Office Hours (mauve), and my go-to Magic Hour.

I would use this blush regardless of its skincare benefits, but the fact that it has a nourishing formula is a huge plus. Apart from being free of silicones and fragrance, it's packed with calming green tea extract and hydrating aloe vera.

As someone who tests beauty products for a living, I rarely replenish old products as I have a lineup of others to try — but this blush is the exception. I've never gotten so many compliments than when I wear this, and I believe it's because it gives my face that lit-from-within all-day glow that's so hard to achieve. I sing its praises to everyone, so if you're in the market for a new blush, do yourself a favor and try this one in your favorite shade.

You're welcome.

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