This Anti-Aging Sanitizer From a Kate Hudson-Used Brand Doubles as My Hand Moisturizer

It sold out in under two weeks.

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Hand sanitizer was once, well, just hand sanitizer. There was nothing special about it, until our world turned upside down circa March 2020 — that’s when I came across Touchland, a game-changer in the sanitization space, and realized not all hand sanitizers were created equal. A quick chat with brand founder Andrea Lisbona in 2021 proved me right. Now, two years later, I still find myself geeking out over the brand — especially their sweet and delightfully scented Glow Mist Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer.

Focused on design, simplicity, and effectiveness, the brand has garnered fans such as Kate Hudson, Kris Jenner, and Mandy Moore with 75.9 million TikTok views. With 16 total power mist scents, there’s something for everyone, but fans are particularly hooked on the Glow Mist, which unlike many other hand sanitizers on the market, strives to rejuvenate the skin and restore lost moisture. The anti-aging sanitizer sold out in under two weeks during its initial launch but remains a hot commodity — and it’s in stock right now. 

Touchland Glow Mist Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer


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Using ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, radish root ferment, and lemon essential oil, hands are instantly replenished, while being rid of 99 percent of germs. Touchland’s Glow Mist doesn’t only work in the moment; it gradually reduces signs of aging through its fast-absorbing micro-mist spray. According to Lisbona, Touchland uses “skin-nourishing ingredients” such as Vitasource to “[boost] collagen production and [improve] skin elasticity and firmness,” while Detoskin “regulates cell turnover, evens skin tone, and has blue light protection.” Together, the concoction revives dull, tired skin. 

I’ve used Touchland’s delicate Glow Mist religiously since it launched, spritzing it onto my hands whenever I need to clean them up or give them a burst of hydration. I’ve seen the benefits occur overtime, as my once dry, cracked hands are now healed, soft, and supple — even when I spend all day in the biting cold or wash them on repeat. I’ve also noticed a gentle glow develop on my hands, making them appear healthy and youthful to a point where I feel fully confident showing off my hands. 

This Anti-Aging Hand Sanitizer Doubles as My Moisturizer

Courtesy of Ruby McAuliffe

The Glow Mist also possesses a signature scent that I would describe as ‘French-girl allure.’ It features elegant top notes of lychee, strawberry, and blackcurrant buds, smelling super feminine. Not to mention, the packaging comes in a pretty pink color that looks chic and fits virtually anywhere. I throw one in my purse, keep another on my desk, and can even fit one in my pocket when needed. 

Touchland’s Glow Mist has revolutionized the hygiene industry and my hands alike. Now, it’s your turn to restore your skin while sanitizing. But if $16 stumps you, just know you get over 500 total spritzes, so say bonjour to healthy hands thanks to Touchland’s irresistible Glow Mist, available at Amazon.

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