I Tried the Blowout-Preserving Hair Tool That Sold Out Five Times After Exploding on TikTok

Now, I do my hair in five minutes flat.

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 This Viral Hair Tool Preserves Blowouts for Up to a Week, and Claims to “Change Your Life”

Courtesy of Ruby McAuliffe

As a beauty editor, I’ll try just about anything; bring on the microneedling facials, celebrity favorite treatments, and brow enhancements. But just because I take a chance on something doesn’t mean I’ll sign off on it — I’m hard to please. That’s why I know the viral Sleepy Tie scrunchie isn’t only good, it’s great.

The $30 Sleepy Tie hit the scene in February 2021, and it’s taken the internet by storm, racking up 195.9 million views on TikTok and selling out five times. The silky hair tool uses double scrunchie technology to prolong and protect locks overnight — just tie it around dry, styled hair and go to sleep. 

 Sleepy Tie Mini


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And shoppers agree with the brand’s claims: “This product is life-changing,” said one raving Amazon reviewer. “I used to spend at least 20 minutes fixing my hair in the morning… With Sleepy Tie, I do my hair once a week.” One customer even said they “can’t imagine not using this every night,” while a TikTok reviewer also claims it’ll “change your life forever.”  So, seeking to cut down my own hair routine I decided to put the Original Sleepy Tie to the test.

 This Viral Hair Tool Preserves Blowouts for Up to a Week, and Claims to “Change Your Life”
Pre-Sleepy Tie hair.

Courtesy of Ruby McAuliffe

Upon my Sleepy Tie’s arrival, I immediately jumped in the shower, washed my long hair as usual, and gave myself a blowout using my Dyson Airwrap. Then, taking my gorgeously curled hair, I brushed it through and gathered my strands into a super-high ponytail (think: high school cheerleader). Next, I placed the Sleepy Tie around it and looped my hair over and under the scrunchie. Once all my ponytail ends were twisted around the double scrunchie, I secured it into a top bun. Sleepy Tie admits that the application is the most difficult part of the process, as it has a learning curve. Though once you get it down, it’s simple to secure and sleep. The Sleepy Tie isn’t too tight or bulky either, with an Amazon reviewer saying it’s “super comfy to sleep in.”

 This Viral Hair Tool Preserves Blowouts for Up to a Week, and Claims to “Change Your Life”
Wearing Sleepy Tie.

Courtesy of Ruby McAuliffe

I put my Sleepy Tie in around 1 a.m. the night before and woke up at 8 a.m. Seven hours later, I released the Sleepy Tie, brushed out my locks, and revealed perfectly preserved curls. My hair took max five minutes to style, and that was enough to get me hooked on this hack.

But the Sleepy Tie benefits don’t end there: You can prolong your styled hair for up to five days using the silky soft scrunchie. Founder Rachael Shtifter revealed a five-day mini series documenting each day’s hair solely using her Sleepy Tie, and you can bet I tried the challenge out for myself — the results were impressive.

 This Viral Hair Tool Preserves Blowouts for Up to a Week, and Claims to “Change Your Life”
Post-Sleepy Tie hair.

Courtesy of Ruby McAuliffe

TikTok is hooked on using the Sleepy Tie on blowouts, but you can use it on any version of dry, styled hair, as long as it’s 2 to 3 inches past shoulder-length. If the style isn’t for you, the Sleepy Tie can still come in handy. Just put your hair up following the same steps and wake up to refreshed, enhanced hair that features a soft, natural wave. Best of all, Sleepy Tie can also serve as a normal scrunchie, styling hair when traveling, working out, and taking body showers — the uses are endless. 

If you have fine hair, you may want to consider the Sleepy Tie Mini, which is specifically designed for thinner hair. But regardless of which version you go for, I’m calling it now: Sleepy Tie is only going up from here, so lock in your iconic Sleepy Tie before everyone else does.  

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