Buckle Up — This Month’s Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon Is Bound to Be a Wild, Transformative Ride

Here's how this major eclipse moment (which yes, falls on Election Day) will affect you, based on your zodiac sign.

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Welcome to one of the most astrologically intense moments of the whole year. Back on October 25, you likely felt a wave of change and ratcheted up emotions sweeping ashore as the sky featured a solar eclipse and new moon in fixed water sign Scorpio. The lunar event kicked off the second eclipse season of 2022. Now, its counterpart, the full moon and total lunar eclipse — the last of the year — is about to have its say. 

Falling on Tuesday, November 8 (yup, Election Day) at 6:02 a.m. ET/3:02 a.m. PT in Taurus, the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this moon’s themes will center on relationships, security, possessions, and values. With the moon interacting with a slew of planets — most closely, rebellious Uranus — out-of-the-blue twists and turns are inevitable. 

The full blood moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus is a chance to make over your life. 

Full moons — which happen when the confident sun opposes the security-seeking moon — are culmination points when we often reach the finish line on goals or find that a particular relationship or undertaking has run its course. In other words, it's about endings that have to happen in order for us to make room for beginnings, which is undoubtedly full of swimming in big feelings and often requires tuning into and applying your intuition. 

And when a full moon is accompanied by a lunar eclipse — which happens when the earth sits between the sun and the moon and casts a shadow over the moon — the emotional ante around all of that is already cranked up to the nth degree. The energy of the moment is often incredibly intense, possibly even overwhelming. All of these elements of a full moon and lunar eclipse come together to spur transformation.

Because this event falls in Taurus, your willingness to embrace the unknown could be a bit limited. After all, ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and values, Taurus equates familiarity with comfort, beauty, and peacefulness. In other words, why welcome the kind of astrological wild card energy that eclipses are notorious for bringing?

The answer: Eclipses generally deliver the kind of shake-ups and even crises that serve as much-needed eye-openers. And though these wake-up calls are sure to be uncomfortable in the moment, they’re also usually opportunities to, ultimately, move in an even more fulfilling direction — perhaps especially when it comes to Taurean aspects of life, such as income, security, beauty, love, and self-worth. 

The moon’s conjunction to revolutionary Uranus all but guarantees sudden surprises.

With the moon falling at 16 degrees Taurus, it’ll cozy up to Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, innovation, and change, which will be at 16 degrees Taurus as well. So, as if eclipses weren’t already supercharged to turn your life upside down, this one is particularly primed to offer up the unexpected. But remember, the turn of events you never saw coming doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. A phone call with a client you didn’t think you were going to land might result in a stunning deal. You might say yes to an impromptu date and be stunned to realize the person has LTR potential. Or a stormy interaction with a friend that catches you off-guard could be the impetus for ending a toxic situation that should’ve been called waaaay back.

In fact, whatever’s coming up has undoubtedly been brewing for some time. Not only is Taurus notoriously slow in how it goes about, well, everything, but this is now the fifth eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis since November 2021, so chances are, by now, you’re fairly familiar with the area of life this eclipse series is spotlighting for you.

A square to Saturn requires self-work. 

Taskmaster Saturn, moving backward through fixed air sign Aquarius, will square off against the full moon and lunar eclipse, which makes it tougher to connect with others — of course at exactly the moment you might feel like you need to do precisely that, given just how high emotions could be running.

If you find this is the case, take heart that Saturn rewards a willingness to own your responsibilities and dive into challenging self-work. If you can’t connect with someone else, check in with — and nurture — yourself.

The moon’s opposition to Mercury emphasizes introspection.

Speaking of self-work, the moon will also tightly oppose Mercury sitting at 15 degrees of Scorpio and cranking up all of the spiraling, nonstop thoughts spurred by intensified emotions. The best way to cope: therapy, writing in a journal, channeling feelings into a beloved creative outlet, or doing a mindfulness meditation that reminds you just how transitory thoughts are. In other words, embracing any heightened mental energy and using it to work through whatever’s happening during this eclipse will serve you best.

Here, how this Taurus eclipse and full moon will affect you, based on your sign. (Pro-tip: Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign, if you know it. If you don't, you can find it on your natal chart or via this CafeAstrology calculator.)


With the full moon and lunar eclipse falling in your second house of income, it’s time to stand up for your sense of security and knowing that you should be paid what you’re worth. You’ve likely made strides in this area of life over the past six months, and now it’s time to be bold. 


The lunar eclipse and full moon in your sign may be a massive turning point for you, Taurus. You’re fired up to defend your needs while also acknowledging that partnership is a key part of life for you. Still, you may have no choice but to switch up how you’re showing up for others who aren’t doing the same in return now.


The lunar eclipse and full moon lights up your twelfth house of spirituality, which highlights the need for rest and caring for your psychological well-being. As a Mercury-ruled person, slowing down can be challenging, but it’s also particularly nourishing for your mind, body, and soul now. 


Falling in your eleventh house of networking and long-term wishes, big changes have been brewing in terms of who you consider your friends, teammates, or colleagues. Shake-ups that occur now might be destabilizing socially, but could eventually lead to feeling more connected and supported by the people around you. 


The full moon and lunar eclipse occurs in your tenth house of career and public image, so work-life balance is a major theme for you right now, Leo. You could gain clarity around how to best juggle your well-being with your professional aspirations going forward.  


This lunar eclipse and full moon falls in your ninth house of adventure, which could inspire you to get out of your everyday routine in an effort to spur personal growth. With Mercury, your ruler, currently in your third house of communication, trading notes with friends could lead to valuable — and perhaps thoroughly surprising — learning experiences. 


With the full moon and lunar eclipse falling in your eighth house of intimacy, vulnerability is the key to boosting your comfort level within your closest relationships. Now’s the time to have those tough conversations — maybe about shared finances — especially since Mercury is in your second house of income.  


If anyone knows what this lunar event could bring, it’s you, Scorpio, as your life has been forever changed by this year’s eclipses. This one falls in your seventh house of partnership, so once again, the universe is urging you to reconcile your needs with those of a significant other, loved one, friend, or colleague. Give and take is as essential an ingredient to your happiness as is being in tune with your sense of self. 


The full moon and lunar eclipse activates your sixth house of wellness and routine, which could lead to a breakthrough related to work-life balance and self-care. You’re realizing it’s not just that you want your daily life to look different — it needs to for your own good.


This full moon and lunar eclipse falls in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, so you’ll definitely get the sense that the universe is urging you to ditch that perpetual compulsion to achieve in order to be in the moment and follow your heart. Your creative and romantic desires matter just as much as professional recognition — maybe more. 


Falling in your fourth house of home life, the lunar eclipse and full moon may be a wake-up call to address deep-seated emotional wounds. Because Mercury is in your tenth house of career and Saturn is in your sign, a willingness to work through your past can set the stage for an even brighter future.


This month's full moon and lunar eclipse falls in your third house of communication, fueling your curiosity and desire to connect and learn. You might feel like it’s finally time to pursue a new degree or hone your skill set by working closely with a trusted mentor. 

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