This Lip Gloss From a South Asian-Founded Brand Completely Conceals My Lip Hyperpigmentation

It was formulated to be universally flattering.

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Live Tinted

One of my biggest insecurities (and mind you, there are many) is how discolored my lips are. When I originally noticed the dark spots on my lips I was convinced I had six months to live (thanks, WebMD!) but eventually chalked it up to lip hyperpigmentation, which is common for melanin-rich skin tones. And while I’ll inevitably splurge on a laser treatment to remove the dark spots, for now I’ve been relying on the Live Tinted Huegloss — a universally flattering lip gloss — as a concealer. 

As a brown woman, shopping for lip gloss is a sport. Sampling different shades takes both hard work and perseverance. It’s way too easy to go home with an unflattering shade of pink that a sales rep swore “looked great on you.” Thankfully, the Live Tinted gloss was designed with my skin tone in mind. The brand was founded by South Asian beauty influencer, Deepica Mutyala, who often felt excluded from the beauty conversation and wanted to create a brand that focused on inclusive, diverse beauty. 

Live Tinted Huegloss Brave


Shop now: $20;

Live Tinted Huegloss Proud

Shop now: $20;

Made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and shea butter, Huegloss hydrates, nourishes, and delivers optimal color payoff. Currently, the gloss is available in two shades: Brave and Proud. Brave has been my saving grace — it’s a gorgeous, warm red-brown that’s pigmented enough to cover up my lip’s dark spots in a “my lips, but better,” way. Proud is a soft rose color that looks beautiful on its own, too, but I personally have to layer it on top of lipstick for it to conceal my hyperpigmentation. 

Huegloss Makeup

Iman Balagam

Thanks to the brand’s latest holiday drop, you can actually score the Huegloss in a brand new shade: A limited-edition, shimmery champagne color that you can only get in this trio set, which includes all three, full-size glosses for just $35. (IDK about you, but I’m adding it to my cart, stat.)

Huegloss makeup


Shop now: $35;

The best part? You don’t even need to wear lip balm underneath since the gloss is so hydrating on its own. Plus, it isn’t sticky which can be a major turn-off when lip gloss shopping. I keep a Huegloss stashed away in each of my tote bags (and as a recent New Yorker, I have many). But don’t just take my word for it — try Live Tinted’s Huegloss and see the results for yourself.

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