A Royal Expert Says "The Crown" Will Make Prince Harry and Prince William "Quite Uncomfortable"

And Queen Consort Camila probably won't like it much, either.

The newest season of Netflix's runaway royal hit The Crown is set to hit the streamer on Nov. 9, and according to a royal expert, the issues covered this time around might hit close to home for the current royals. Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that since season 5 covers Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce, Princes William and Harry are certain to have feelings about it all. Additionally, the season will also chronicle Diana's death, something that shook the entire world.

"I think this series is going to be quite uncomfortable viewing, not just for [Queen Consort] Camilla and [King] Charles but also for William and Harry," Nicholl said. "Scenes leading up to their mother's death are going to be very, very uncomfortable for them."

Prince Harry Prince William

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She went on to say that while the princes mourned their mother's death in the public eye, both of them have spoken about the tragedy — and royal or not, it's not something anyone wants to have dramatized for television.

"This is a period that they had to live out so publicly. We heard Harry talk about the very real impact it's had on his life, and William as well," Nicholl added. "So, for this to sort of be revisited, even if it's done tastefully [...] for this to be brought up all over again is incredibly hard for William and Harry."

Another change has to do with the fact that many of the subjects in the upcoming season are still alive and although the royals are accustomed to living their lives in the headlines, the show is set to bring another layer to the whole thing.

"The events, yes, are 25 years old, but they still feel very current because they're constantly still making headlines — largely through films and TV series like this," Nicholl finished. "Those early [seasons] felt like there was enough history, felt like there was enough distance. But this just feels uncomfortably close."

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