Netflix Shared the First Official Photos of 'The Crown''s Kate Middleton and Prince William

The meet-cute gets immortalized on everyone's favorite royal retelling.

Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton and Ed McVey as Prince William

Justin Downing

The highly anticipated sixth (and final) season of Netflix's hit The Crown is coming soon and the streaming giant is whetting everyone's appetites ahead of King Charles's coronation with a little preview. New photos of the actors playing Kate Middleton and Prince William just dropped, though paparazzi shots from the show's production made the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago. New photos from the show highlight Meg Bellamy as Kate and Ed McVey as Prince William and depict their time together in college — ahem, university, back in 2001.

In the upcoming season, the series will detail the couple's burgeoning relationship, going all the way back to their first meeting at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. According to Netflix, Prince William starts at St Andrews "determined to lead as normal a life as possible while he still can." At the same time, Kate enrolls in the university and, well, the rest is history. 

Ed McVey as Prince William

Keith Bernstein

Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton


Entertainment Tonight notes that William had been portrayed by Senan West in season 5. Rufus Kampa joins the series as well to play a slightly older version and McVey will handle the main role as William during his young adult years. The outlet also explained that Bellamy "won the part [of Kate] after submitting an audition tape following a casting call on social media." 

Season 5, which aired in 2022, depicted the fallout of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marital problem in 1997. Season 6 will continue the ripped-from-the-headlines style of the show and depict everything that happened after Princess Diana's death. Though there's no release date set just yet, fans can expect the final season of the show to hit Netflix later this year. 

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