Teyana Taylor Is Aging Like Fine Wine — and She Knows It

The multi-hyphenate talent shares her beauty secrets, including the injectable she swears by.

Teyana Taylor x XEOMIN interview

Merz Aesthetics ®/Jeremy Cowart

Coming off her final tour, Teyana Taylor shows up on Zoom looking fresh-faced, relaxed, and confident as hell. And why wouldn't she? At just 31 years old, the multi-hyphenate talent has accomplished more than most could even dream of. Namely, being an award-winning singer, celebrated choreographer, actress, mother, wife, and winner of the most recent season of The Masked Singer.

But you'd never know how booked and busy Taylor is simply by looking at her — on camera, she looks rested, youthful, and unbothered. However, that doesn't mean she's opposed to aging — she actually embraces it.

"I'm starting to grow into everything that was destined for me," she tells InStyle. "I feel like I'm aging like fine wine."

We're on Zoom to talk about her partnership with XEOMIN, a neurotoxin injection used to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Taylor lists a number of reasons she loves the brand, namely that it doesn't have a long list of ingredients.

"I'm such a less is more kind of girl with everything in life, so to work with a company that don't have a whole bunch of shit going on with it, I'm here for it," she explains, adding that she loves the results.

teyana taylor xeomin interview instyle 2022

Merz Aesthetics Â®/Jeremy Cowart

She tells us she gets XEOMIN injected into her elevens, which she jokingly calls her Chicago Bulls logo. "I used to make these faces — and I have strong features — I would literally turn into a bull," she laughs, adding that the basketball team is amongst her favorites. "So just fixing that little area for me is what it was."

Her less-is-more beauty approach expands into more than just her injections routine. When it comes time to apply product, she sticks to simply using a moisturizer and then a scrub a few times a week. "Being a mom and having two kids, I don't really have enough time to get into a lot of the things that I used to get into," Taylor says. Plus, she says that simplifying her routine has actually made her skin better.

However, she does attribute her youthful appearance to consistent workouts (up to 12 hours a day when she's on tour!), the power of prayer, and meditation, too.

"I feel like that brings great skin, great vibes," she says. "And I've got my XEOMIN so I'm all set — that was the icing on the cake."

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