TBT: Darren Aronofsky Found Jennifer Lawrence's Reality TV Obsession "Disappointing"

Particularly, her choice of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.'

Jennifer Lawrence Darren Aronofsky

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Who: Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, 32, and film director, writer, and producer Darren Aronofsky, 53. 

How They Met: It’s a Hollywood tale as old as time. A director and actress meet on a movie set, spend countless hours working together, and eventually fall in love. 

That was precisely the case for Lawrence and Aronofsky. However, they didn’t start dating until after their film Mother! wrapped in 2016. “We had energy,” Lawrence said while speaking to Vogue in 2017 about when they first met, adding that she was the one who pursued him. “I had energy for him. I don’t know how he felt about me.”

While Lawrence had feelings for Aronofsky from the start, he didn’t initially return the sentiment. “I was like; he’s hot... I remember I was holding my dog, and I shut the door, and when the door shut [after Darren left], I went, ‘Pippy, that’s called sexual tension,’” J.Law said during an appearance on Marc Maron's WTF podcast in 2018. “He played hard to get for like nine months, maybe longer, which just killed me.”

Fans first caught wind of the pair's romance when Lawrence and Aronofsky were spotted leaving a Los Angeles restaurant together in October 2016. A month later, they were seen walking with the actress's dog in New York, and the next day, they were making out in front of a flower shop.

Why We Loved Them: Lawrence and Aronofsky were opposites in just about every way, but it worked for them. Aside from their 22-year age gap, he went to Harvard (J.Law admittedly doesn’t like “Harvard people”), and she had a deep love for reality television — an obsession the director, she says, found “vastly disappointing.” 

While filming Mother!, the crew created a “Kardashian tent” for Lawrence to amid shooting the dark subject matter. “It was a tent that had pictures of the Kardashians and Keeping Up with the Kardashians playing on a loop—and gumballs,” Lawrence told Vogue. “My happy place.” In response, Aronofsky made it clear that he wasn’t “involved” in setting up the tent. “I was like, ‘What are you talking about, ‘The Kardashians?’”

When They Peaked: After staying silent about their romance for months, J. Law and Aronofsky confirmed they were dating in the most celebrity way possible: a couple’s red carpet debut at the Mother! premiere in New York in September 2017. 

Jennifer Lawrence Darren Aronofsky


The Breakup: The film that brought Lawrence and Aronofsky together ultimately ended them. 

Two months after the movie’s theatrical release, the pair decided to call it quits on their relationship following a slew of negative reviews. “Normally, I promote a movie, ask people to go see it, and then it’s just out of your hands,” Lawrence said in an interview with Adam Sandler for Variety’s Actors on Actors series following their breakup. “I normally just kind of let it go. Dating the director was different. We’d be on the [press] tour together, I’d come back to the hotel, and the last thing I want to talk about or think about is a movie.” 

She continued, “He comes back from the tour, and that’s all he wants to talk about, and I get it. It’s his baby. He wrote it. He conceived it. He directed it. I was doing double duty trying to be a supportive partner while also being like, ‘Can I please, for the love of God, not think about Mother! for one second?’”

Meanwhile, other sources believed their age difference was a major reason behind the split. “There is a huge age difference, and they are different people,” an insider told People at the time. “Each has to look practically to the future. Jen has yet to figure out her life and how it will evolve. He has responsibilities in life that she has yet to experience.”

Where They Are Now: Lawrence began dating her now-husband Cooke Maroney in June 2018 — less than a year after splitting from Aronofsky. Within months they were engaged, and in a year, they were married during a star-studded ceremony in Newport, Rhode Island. In February this year, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Cy.

Following a short hiatus, J.Law returned to acting and is currently promoting her latest film, Causeway, which she coincidentally began shooting while planning her wedding to Maroney. Lawrence also has a new movie titled No Hard Feelings coming out in June 2023.

Aronofsky was briefly linked to 28-year-old Russian actress Aglaya Tarasova in 2019, but since then, his dating life has remained somewhat of a mystery. As for his career, Aronofsky has continued to produce and direct movies, such as The Territory, The Good Nurse, and most recently, the controversial film starring Brendan Fraiser as a 600-pound man, The Whale.

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