Taylor Bushey

Taylor Bushey
Title: Writer
Education: Fashion Institute of Technology
Location: New York, NY

Taylor has been an experienced freelance writer since 2015 with a demonstrated history of writing for an abundance of diverse publications, including Apartment Therapy, Guest of a Guest, NYC Plugged and more. From trying out some of the newest New York City restaurants to reviewing pop culture lifestyle and fashion collaborations, she is always eager for her readers to learn about new releases and iconic hotspots.


  • Freelance Writer
  • Freelance Editor
  • Social Media Marketing


Beauty has a special place in Taylor's heart because her knowledge and love for it has continued to develop as she's grown older. For instance, she has thick, curly hair but never used to when I was younger--it used to be pin-straight. As her hair texture changed over the years, she has learned to slowly embrace it and learn through trial and error which products and style treatments work the best on her.

While Taylor has covered several verticals throughout her freelance career, she has the most experience with New York City lifestyle. Since making the move from her small town in Maryland to NYC back in 2015 (where she's lived ever since), Taylor has constantly searched for unique and exciting things to do in the city. Having moved for school, she quickly learned to become savvy at finding cool events or pop-ups on a budget. One of her favorite memories was attending The New York Coffee Festival in 2018, where she was able to sample tons of rich brews from local coffee shops.


Taylor received a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as a minor in English.

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