Tatcha’s Best-Selling, Celebrity-Approved Skin Mist Is on Rare Sale

Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian are fans of the brand.

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Tatcha Skin Mist Sale

Tatcha/ InStyle

Built on Japanese skincare traditions and helmed by hydration, Tatcha products deliver unparalleled dewiness. InStyle editors and celebrities — including Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Selena Gomez — are fans of the brand, as is Kim Kardashian, who’s partial to its Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.

True to its name, the mist imparts a glowy, crystalline skinfinish. A spritz or two visibly quenches skin on contact, leaving an hours-long megawatt glow in its wake. In my mind, it’s the closest thing to glass skin in a bottle. Moreover, this mist is among the most versatile products I own. Not your average facial spray, it can serve as a spritzable serum, mistable moisturizer, sheeny setting spray, or a skin-plumping primer, depending on when and how you use it. 



Shop now: $19 with code GETINTIME (Originally $22); tatcha.com

The mist is brimming with botanical oils — each carefully curated for maximum glow potential and added at an impressive 20 percent concentration. Hyaluronic acid, the hydrating superstar of the skincare world, is also present. Lastly, as with all Tatcha products, the mist is spiked with HADASEI-3: a blend of green tea, rice, and Japanese algae. The trio, arguably Tatcha’s raison d'être, promotes plump, youthful-looking skin over time.  

I love misting post-cleanse in the morning to add a hydrating, essence-like layer to my skincare routine. Some shoppers say they spritz in lieu of moisturizer, particularly on days when a heavy cream feels like overkill. According to one shopper, the mist provides “enough [hydration] in the a.m.,” particularly after sleeping in the brand’s Dewy Moisturizer the prior night. Other shoppers love how it melds with makeup. “I've used this on brides for their big day,” says a Sephora makeup artist, who uses the mist as a radiance-enhancing setting spray. One InStyle editor Christian Butan calls it, “The spray-on moisturizer [she] can’t live without.” However you choose to spritz, expect plump, dewy radiance.

If celebrity-approved radiance — any time of day, at any stage of your skincare or makeup routine — appeals to you, you might just find holy grail potential in the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Tatcha rarely discounts its products, but for a limited time, The Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is 15 percent off. Shop it now, among other celebrity-loved hero products from the brand, before the discounts disappear.

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