The Moisturizing Lip Mask Used by Jennifer Aniston Is Now Available in a Limited-Edition Tinted Hue

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Jennifer Aniston Tatcha Lip Mask

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Jennifer Aniston’s hair will always be among the most famous manes in TV history, but her skincare and fashion tips shouldn’t be overlooked either. From the face-sculpting device the actress uses that gives shoppers “higher cheekbones” to a $48 ring from a Julia Roberts-approved brand, Aniston knows what she’s doing when it comes to sartorial choices. Case in point: the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask that was spotted in one of her Instagram stories

The original Kissu Lip Mask started out as a limited-edition product, but it was such a hit that it was made a staple product in Tatcha’s offerings. Now, once a year, we usually get a limited edition, tinted version of the mask. This year’s offering has emerged and it’s a Japanese peach-scented, plum hue retailing for $28



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This formula has the same nourishing and moisturizing ingredients of squalane, Japanese Camellia Oil, and vitamins A, B, D, and E that make the original such a shopper success with over 750 five-star reviews. 

Of this particular plum version, one five-star shopper wrote, “this plum blossom is such a natural color, and it keeps my lips moisturized all day. I love wearing it by itself — no need for lipstick.” 

I know that $28 is a lot for a lip balm, but it’s pretty standard for a lip mask (Laneige’s is $24 and Lawless’ is $21) and well worth the money; according to one shopper, “a little goes a huge way… I only have to apply it one to two times and my lips feel amazing the entire day.” Another reviewer said they use the mask every night and “haven’t had to use [lip balm] once since.” 

On a personal note, I too am a fan of the Kissu Lip Mask and I think I have obscenely high standards when it comes to lip treatments. Between myself, hundreds of shoppers, and Jennifer Aniston, this little luxurious tub of moisturizing lip mask is well worth the money, whether you’re treating yourself or getting ahead of holiday shopping. Head to Tatcha to shop the original Kissu Lip Mask and this limited-edition plum version

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