I’ve Tried Over a Dozen Tatcha Products — Here’s What's Worth Buying From the Brand’s Biggest Sale Yet

Including a Jennifer Aniston-approved lip mask for 25 percent off.

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Early BFCM: Tatcha Sale

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I grew up as the middle of five children, so I am very good at sharing — the idea of personal, private property did not exist until I was in my 20s. This is especially true with my beauty products since I have so many that my makeup shelves are more extensive than many people's bookshelves. But there are a few brands that are too  precious for me to share; in my ideal world, a blaring alarm would go off when people get too close to them. Tatcha is one such brand because it’s expensive, so I covet every single drop. 

In that spirit, I have wonderful news: Tatcha is kicking off its biggest sale ever. From now until December 1, every single Tatcha product will be 25 percent off with the code CYBER22, and according to the brand, this is the steepest discount in its history. There are 92 products, of which the majority — if not all — are wonderful, so where do you start? 

I have been lucky enough to test at least a dozen Tatcha products. Armed with this insight and that of thousands of reviewers, I have compiled a succinct(ish) list of seven items that are bound to sell out, so add them to your cart ASAP. There are some obvious choices like the Jennifer Aniston-approved Kissu Lip Mask and the Plump and Dewy Trio, which includes three favorites: the Rice Wash cleanser, Dewy Skin Cream moisturizer, and Dewy plumping and smoothing Serum.  

Shop the Tatcha Sale:

Custom Gift Set



Shop now: $36–$114 with code CYBER22 (Originally $48–$152); tatcha.com 

I’m obsessed with the Custom Gift Set. There are quite a few bundles to choose from, but you can pick three and make your own custom kit with this one. The 26 options include all of the best-sellers (including the Rice Polish and Silk Canvas Primer) and some under-appreciated, lesser-known products such as the Ageless Renewal Cream and Luminous Hydration Lifting Mask that are great to test while on sale.  

The Water Cream



Shop now: $52 with code CYBER22 (Originally $69); tatcha.com

I could kick myself for how long it took me to try The Water Cream because it has changed my life more than I thought a moisturizer could. I should have taken the glowing recommendations from InStyle editors and the 2,700 plus five-star reviews. 

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for oily skin types (like mine) thanks to its gel-like, watery consistency that provides penetrating hydration while clarifying skin and reducing oil production (read: preventing further breakouts). My skin has never felt softer or glowed more. 

A 69-year-old shopper who has “used hundreds of face creams” says The Water Cream is unmatched and “works wonderfully” under foundation. Another reviewer began with, “I want to bathe in this,” continuing, “I never feel like it’s just sitting on top of my face… [It] works well with my adult, sometimes broken-out, combination skin… and helps refine my pores with a noticeable difference.”

Violet-C Brightening Serum



Shop now: $67 with code CYBER22 (Originally $89); tatcha.com

According to one of the 1,000 plus five-star reviewers, this is “the only vitamin C serum [you] need.” Violet-C Brightening Serum has 20 percent vitamin C and 10 percent alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), so you’re getting a hefty dose of brightened skin,  accelerated cell turnover due to chemical exfoliation, reduced dark spots and uneven texture, and decreased fine lines and wrinkles thanks to a surge of antioxidants. 

The same shopper explained, “After two weeks [of using Violet-C], my skin looks 70 percent smoother and clearer. [My] hyperpigmentation is significantly lighter, and fine wrinkles are basically non-existent.”

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