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By Agard
Updated Jan 30, 2017 @ 1:15 pm
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If the Screen Actors Guild Awards starts giving out honors for best GIFs, Winona Ryder has 2017’s category on lockdown.

When the entire Stranger Things cast took the stage to accept the SAG Award for best drama ensemble on Sunday night, actor David Harbour gave a passionate speech about the current political climate — one Ryder couldn’t help but react to time and again.

Over the course of Harbour’s lengthy speech, the Heathers alum went from surprise and seeming confusion over the fact that Harbour actually wrote this out, to outright support, to further confusion when he mentioned “[punching] some people in the face.”

“We were at dinner the other night … I was like, guys I wanna say this crazy speech, can I run it by you?’ Harbour said backstage. “Charlie [Heaton] was like, ‘No no, you’ll jinx us!’ And I finally beat him into submission. But it even changed last night based on the protests going on at the airport and all the stuff that’s going down. But they did help me and they did reassure me that it was an okay thing to say and that it wasn’t pretentious and that I could say it.”

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Check out a collection of GIFs and screenshots of Ryder’s scene stealing face below:

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