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By Instyle UK/Josh Newis-Smith
Updated: Feb 15, 2017 @ 2:06 pm

We were granted a private audience with the Queen of New York Fashion Week herself, Victoria Beckham. In her exclusive interview with Joshington Hosts the designer talks about her fashion guilty pleasure, Harper Beckham’s strong girl image and bringing girl power to the modern world…

Joshington Hosts: Your show was amazing and it feels like a little bit of a step in a new direction for you. How would you describe your woman this season?

Victoria Beckham: This season, looking at what was going on in the world, for me it wasn’t about creating show pieces, it was creating pieces that are beautiful. It was about luxury, about making my customer, my woman, feel secure and empowered. I have been talking about empowering women for so many years. I wish there was another way to say it, because I don’t want to sound like I'm repeating myself. But never has there been a time when that was more relevant.

JH: Is it like a modern version of girl power?

VB: It has been about girl power right from the beginning with me. I want to make my woman feel strong and powerful, and never was there a time where that was more relevant. I really love women!

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JH: If you had to wear one of these AW17 pieces for the rest of your life, which would it be?

VB: It would be hard, it would be like trying to pick my favorite child!

JH: Your style this week has been quite different, there is a lot more color, how do you feel your style has developed as you have grown as a designer?

VB: It started off in a heel and a nice bit of color, and we ended up with a tracksuit, but it’s OK because I had a man’s tailored coat over the top.

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JH: There is a lot of masculine tailoring in your collection, what's the one piece you steal from David’s wardrobe?

VB: I steal so much of his stuff. He was away the other day and I phoned him and said, ‘I've just found these trousers in your wardrobe, is it OK if I take them and sort of tweak them a little bit?’ I love wearing his clothes.