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By REALSIMPLE.COM/Brandi Broxson
Updated Aug 14, 2017 @ 11:21 am

My track record with bras hasn’t been ideal. I’ve been fitted for an endless variety of seemingly perfect undergarments that later revealed themselves to be itchy, slipping off my shoulder or digging into my side. After one day of wear, I’d return home anxious to unhook and slingshot it off immediately. I wanted a bra that was comfortable, supportive of my DD cup size, and one that could work under a variety of outfits. It seemed like a tall order.


But, after seeing a couple of Facebook advertisements for True & Co’s new True Body Lift + Scoop bra (and hearing its sister bra, the True Body Scoop Neck has sold out a whopping seven times!), I decided to give it a whirl. The bra is specifically designed for larger cup sizes (D-DDD), and provides a lift thanks to a hollow channel that runs around the cup of the bra. The channel acts similarly to underwire but without that uncomfortable pushed-up feeling and it’s threadless which eliminates any scratchiness. Imagine all the support of a sports bra combined with a super soft nylon-blend fabric that almost fools you into thinking you aren’t wearing a bra. I’ve worn the nude option with everything from lightweight linen tees to more structured work dresses and it’s performed flawlessly.

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True & Co is upfront about this next fact so I will be too: This is not a pretty made-for-your-significant-other’s eyes type of deal. But, I will bypass pretty lace and detailing any day if it means heavenly 24-hour type comfort.