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By PEOPLE.COM/Julie Mazziotta
Updated Sep 04, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Note for all trainers: don’t try to gain clients by body shaming them.

Unfortunately, that’s what one man tried to do to Cassie Young, a newly engaged radio host in Atlanta. Young was celebrating her bride-to-be status on social media when a trainer reached out to her on Twitter, offering his services “to get you in shape for your wedding.”

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When Young turned him down, replying that she’s “in shape,” he was undeterred, and continued to send her body shaming messages.

“I know you want to look your best on your wedding day,” he wrote. “If you don’t hire me hire someone. Those pictures lasts[sp] centuries.”

But Young remained cool, kindly explaining why she’s happy with her body.

“I know it’s probably hard for you to understand this, but it’s taken me a long time to love my body. I’m constantly shamed or reminded that I’m heavy and I should be embarrassed—or people are embarrassed for me—or just straight up rude, calling me ‘disgusting.’ I’ve battled past all that and like how I look,” she responded.

“I’ve worked really hard at accepting my self-worth and disassociating the idea that my weight is a direct correlation to my value as a person or how much people will like me. And I found someone who loves me no holds barred—just the way I am, thus proving that true.”

The trainer refused to give in, however, continuing to say, “you can’t lie to yourself,” and explaining that he understands because he used to be heavier. Young responded that he is “perpetuating the problem,” of basing your self-worth on your appearance.

Young posted screenshots of their conversation across social media, explaining that she’s “posting this because I want every woman and man to know that it does not MATTER what you look like.” Her posts now have over 3,000 likes, and Young thanked her followers on Instagram for their support.

“If you are struggling, know we are out there. Not only the outspoken protestors, but also the silent allies. We will stand tall with you and we will win this fight. I promise you,” she writes. “EVERY body is beautiful.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People