Everyone from Lil Jon to Joanna Gaines has embraced the tiny house trend, and now you can get your very own by simply adding one to your Amazon cart.

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Updated Jun 16, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
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It’s easier than ever to shop and buy a tiny home thanks to Amazon’s diverse selection of tiny house kits starting at just $3,000. The retailer’s assortment includes that now viral DIY guest house, which can be built in less than eight hours, plus so many more in various price points that come with an array of features. And since they’re all prefab kits designed to be built by two or more people, you can construct one on your property whenever you have the time to take on the project.

With retreats ranging from 76-square-feet to nearly 300-square-feet, and components like large windows, double doors, spacious lofts, and even wrap-around porches, you’re bound to find the little abode that best suits your needs and meets your tiny house checklist. While some owners use them as backyard guest houses, offices, and studios, you can also fashion one as your very own little mecca for your hobbies (hello, crafting room!) or dreamy destination if you can build one by the beach, lake, or mountains.

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Read on to learn more about each tiny house available on Amazon and their unique features.

Allwood Sunray 162-Square-Foot Cabin Kit

As its name implies, this “Sunray” cabin is designed to let in plenty of natural light and sunshine. This 162-square-foot Nordic wood cabin features a series of large windows, plus two glass-covered doors, allowing you to take in the vistas no matter where you’re situated inside. And thanks to its thicker planks, it’s one of the few tiny house kits that’s designed to be energy efficient and cozy even in cooler climates.

Buy It! Allwood Sunray 162-Square-Foot Cabin Kit, $8,690; amazon.com

Whole Woods Cabins Concord 76-Square-Foot Kit

Coming in at just $3,000, this small space is one of the most affordable tiny house kits available on Amazon. With two doors and a double window, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine while you use the space as a home office, cozy library, arts and crafts room, or whatever your heart desires. No matter what you design the space for, this small structure is far cheaper than building an addition on your home.

Buy It! Whole Woods Cabins Concord 76-Square-Foot Kit, $3,000; amazon.com

Allwood Bella 237-Square-Foot Cabin Kit

Step inside this tiny cabin and you’ll find three basic rooms, plus an additional 86-square-foot loft space providing 244-square-feet of interior space. Set up a kitchen, office, bedroom, living area, or whatever you want. No matter what you choose to use this petite cabin for, one thing is for sure — you’ll love taking in the views and relaxing on its covered porch.

Buy It! Allwood Bella 237-Square-Foot Cabin Kit, $17,800; amazon.com

Allwood Sommersby 174-Square-Foot Garden House Kit

Use this extra space as a pool house, garden shed, guest house, or whatever you can dream up — this 174-square-foot structure is suited for just about any purpose thanks to its simple design. What’s more, its classic elements ensure it won’t look dated decades from now, allowing you to transform and repurpose it in the future.

Buy It! Allwood Sommersby 174-Square-Foot Garden House Kit, $8,360; amazon.com

Allwood Mayflower 117-Square-Foot Garden House Kit

This cozy and quaint tiny home exudes charm with its curved roof, flower boxes, welcoming stairway, and rustic wheels. Set it up and leave its warm Nordic wood as is, or paint it in a combination of colors to complement your home or garden. You can also get its sister model, The Mayflower base, sans stairs and wheels if you’re looking for something a bit more basic.

Buy It! Allwood Mayflower 117-Square-Foot Garden House Kit, $7,790; amazon.com

Allwood Solvalla 172-Square-Foot Studio Cabin Kit

This best-selling tiny studio cabin kit features both an indoor and outdoor space, giving you the best of both worlds. Head inside its window-covered room to enjoy your surroundings while watching television or reading a book, or relax on its covered patio, which features enough space for a grill or even an outdoor kitchen. Thanks to its versatile spaces and roomy interior, this little getaway makes for the perfect backyard guest house.

Buy It! Allwood Solvalla 172-Square-Foot Studio Cabin Kit, $7,250; amazon.com

Lillevilla Escape 113-Square-Foot Allwood Kit Cabin

Create your very own little retreat by setting up this country-esque Nordic spruce cabin in a forested area, by a tranquil lake, or any other scenic spot. This one-room tiny house features enough space for a full set of living room or bedroom furniture, with more room to spare outdoors under its extended roof.

Buy It! Lillevilla Escape 113-Square-Foot Allwood Kit Cabin, $4,990; amazon.com

Allwood Claudia 209-Square-Foot Cabin Kit

With eight large windows and two glass-covered doors, this charming little cottage is the perfect place to take in the surrounding scenery. This window-covered home also feels a bit more spacious than some other tiny homes on the market thanks to its tall ceiling. And while its floor and roof design is ideal for most climates, further insulation is recommended for cooler regions.

Buy It! Allwood Claudia 209-Square-Foot Cabin Kit, $8,250; amazon.com

Allwood Halmstad 106-Square-Foot Studio Cabin Kit

Sleek and modern, this tiny studio is the right choice for those who appreciate simplicity. With three floor-to-ceiling windows and a large glass door, there’s no shortage of natural light in this 106-square-foot space. For those who want a little more living space or want to spend time sitting outdoors, a surrounding patio (as pictured) is an easy add-on that will make the structure even more functional.

Buy It! Allwood Halmstad 106-Square-Foot Studio Cabin Kit, $5,490; amazon.com

Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway

While this getaway cabin is one of the pricer tiny homes available on Amazon, it’s also one of the largest with over 292-square-feet of interior space, which doesn’t included its sleeping loft designed to fit two beds. With three rooms on its first floor, you’ll have plenty of space for a living area, kitchen, bedroom, or whatever else you want to set up. What’s more, this beauty also features a patio by its entryway that’s just beckoning you to come and kick back in an Adirondack chair.

Buy It! Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway, $18,800; amazon.com

Allwood Arlanda XXL 273-Square-Foot Garden House Kit

With a versatile floor plan and plenty of windows, this contemporary structure is adaptable for all kinds of purposes. This tiny house kit comes with an optional wall allowing you to enjoy it as one large and open space, or two separate rooms for added functionality and privacy.

Buy It! Allwood Arlanda XXL 273-Square-Foot Garden House Kit, $10,695; amazon.com

Allwood Summerlight 150-Square-Foot Cabin Kit

With large windows and french doors covering three of its walls — and even its roof — this elegant tiny home will let in plenty of sunshine during the day and an incredible view of the stars at night. Just imagine the dinner parties you’ll be able to host in this little structure during the spring, summer, and fall.

Buy It! Allwood Summerlight 150-Square-Foot Cabin Kit, $6,950; amazon.com

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