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By Ross
Updated Jun 26, 2017 @ 4:45 pm
Mr. Big - SATC
Credit: HBO

The biggest Sex and the City mystery, Mr. Big’s real name, was revealed in the series finale. But it turns out that even executive producer Michael Patrick King didn’t know what the moniker would be — or that he’d share it with the audience — until he wrote that final scene.

“In the last episode, in the last moment, I realized [I had] to say Mr. Big’s name and I just [mimes typing on a keyboard] ‘John,'” King tells EW. “And then I told all the writers and they were like, ‘What the hell?’ And I was like, ‘We have to say his name because now he’s real!'”

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In the episode’s final montage, Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) bedazzled flip phone — it was 2004, after all — displayed the name of her on-again, off-again love (Chris Noth). But as King explains, that wasn’t always the plan. “In my mind? He had no name,” he says. “It was just one of those things where it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s happening right now’ and you didn’t plan it.”

So why did he choose the name John? And what was the other hardest Sex and the City character decision he ever had to make? Head to Entertainment Weekly to watch his interview and find out!

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