2004 was wild.


Crimped hair may be back in style, but don’t expect to see Scarlett Johansson jump on the trend anytime soon.

The actress, 34, opened up to PEOPLE about one of her biggest beauty disasters, which she jokingly says now “lives on the interweb forever.”

“There was a year that I went to the Tony Awards — I must have been 19 or 20. I wanted a hairstyle that looked like [actress] Jean Harlow’s,” Johansson tells PEOPLE about her look for the 2004 award ceremony.


However, her hair didn’t turn out exactly how the star envisioned. “It looked like a crimping iron. Basically, a crimping iron was taking a stand on my head,” Johansson said. “Yeah, it was electrical socket crazy.”

While the actress didn’t love the crimped look, that hasn’t stopped her from experimenting with her hair in plenty of other ways. She’s dyed her hair a fiery red hue multiple times, been both a blonde and brunette, and has sported everything from straight to curly to half-shaved pixie styles. Johansson’s fearless approach to switching things up never fails to leave her fans on their toes.

“The best thing about hair color is that it’s only temporary,” the actress told InStyle in 2017 of her ever-changing hair looks.

— with reporting by Julie Jordan

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This Story Originally Appeared On People