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Sam Smith used to have an unhealthy relationship with his weight.

In the new issue of V magazine, during an interview with his friend and long-time fan Sarah Jessica Parker, the 25-year-old singer revealed that at the start of his music career, he spent a lot of time obsessing over his body.

“When I was shooting my first music videos, I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked, so I was trying to control the way the camera moved,” Smith said. “I got a bit obsessive. I was constantly looking in the mirror, pinching my waist, weighing myself every day.”

But the Brit added that these days he’d “gotten to a place where I really love my stretch marks and I just enjoy my body.”

The “Too Good at Goodbyes” singer went on to say that even though he’s embraced body positivity, sometimes he still gets sick of himself.

“My job is very self-indulgent: I have to listen to my voice daily, I make decisions on what tour posters or album covers look like, I look at my face while sitting in the makeup chair. I get kind of sick of myself, so I trust my team,” Smith continued.

But no matter how much he’s learned to love himself, Smith feels like “my body image is always going to be an issue.”

“I need to constantly train myself to watch the right sort of films, to not look at certain ads and think that’s how my stomach should look. It’s something that I’m fighting every day,” he said, adding that he thinks body image struggles are something “men should talk about” more frequently.

This Story Originally Appeared On People