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By HEALTH.COM/Lisa DeSantis
Updated Feb 17, 2018 @ 10:00 am
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In the age of the Kardashians, it seems like everyone wants a plumper pout. Luckily for us, there are ways to get there without committing to lip fillers. While glosses work great for a temporary effect, a new at-home device actually builds up your own collagen, leaving you with fuller looking lips.

ReVive Light Therapy Lip Care ($99; utilizes red LED lights to boost circulation. This, in turn, lessens the appearance of fine lines and creates a plush pout. Over time, it helps boost your natural collagen and elastin. Both deplete as you age, which is the primary cause for wrinkles and sagging.

The first order of business is to charge it with the USB cable it comes with. Once mine was powered up and ready to go, I popped the silicone mouth tray onto the light portion and stuck it in my mouth. I have to note that it fit comfortably and didn't feel as though I had to clamp down my teeth to keep it in place. I pressed the power button on front and it beeped as the red lights came alive—they were surprisingly not distracting at all as I sat with it in and binge-watched old episodes of Gilmore Girls.

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To buy: $99;

I didn't feel much while the device was in my mouth, but after the three minutes were up and the lights dimmed, I could feel a subtle tingling. I removed the device and immediately checked my reflection, where I saw a considerable difference in the size of my lips—they were actually bigger! I also had some marks from where the tray was, which wasn't great, but when I tried the device for a second time, that didn't happen. You can also see that my lips were pinker and the lines less noticeable (and this is without any lip balm on).

While the plumpness certainly deflated over the next few hours, I was impressed that with after just one use, I could see such a change. With daily use, I imagine that the results would rival that of lip fillers, if going for a natural look.

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