For most of us, our must-have travel accessories include our special toiletries, that one sweater we can’t live without, a pair of comfy shoes to walk in, and perhaps some fancy sunglasses. But Queen Elizabeth II’s must-have travel accessory is much, much sweeter than anything we could imagine.

According to Darren McGrady, Queen Elizabeth's former personal chef and author of "Eating Royally," Her Majesty refuses to travel, even short distances, without a delicious piece of chocolate biscuit cake. (We’ll let you fill in the “let them eat cake” jokes here.)

"Now the Chocolate Biscuit Cake is the only cake that goes back again and again and again everyday until it's all gone," McGrady told RecipePlus. "She'll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece, but you have to send that up, she wants to finish the whole of that cake."

McGrady added that if the Queen were to leave for a trip with even a sliver of the cake left over, a senior chef would follow her on the next train with the cake in hand. He also warned the Windsor staff to keep their hands off her precious treat, because she would notice if a single slice went missing.

While it may seem fantastical to think of the royal with such a sweet tooth, we’re inclined to believe McGrady’s story. After all, he cooked for her for 15 years.

Beyond her love of cake, McGrady also shared a few of the Queen’s other food quirks.

"With a banana, she'll cut off the bottoms and cut the banana lengthwise, and then cut the banana into tiny slices to eat with a fork," McGrady said, adding the way she eats pears is no less weird. "She eats her pears like boiled eggs,” he said. “She'll cut off the top and scoop out the insides with a spoon."

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