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By Hill
Updated Jul 17, 2017 @ 4:30 pm

Princess Kate is getting real!

While greeting fans after the royal family arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, Kate had the perfect response when a young woman told her she was “beautiful” and “perfect.”

“We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect, but she said it’s not true — it’s just the make-up,” Magda Mordaka, 21, told Express.

It’s no secret that Prince William and Kate travel with an entourage that includes a nanny, hairdresser and personal assistants.

During the royal family tour of Canada last September, Kate’s regular hairdresser Amanda Tucker tagged along. She was also present on the couple’s tour of India and Bhutan in April 2016, which included a five-hour hike in the Himalayas (Kate breezed through with impeccable hair and make-up!).

Kate showed off her stunning airport style when she stepped onto the tarmac Monday in a white Alexander McQueen peplum skirt suit — a look she has perfected over the years.

She accessorized the look with a matching ruby necklace and earrings. But her best accessory was adorable daughter, Princess Charlotte, who twinned mom with her shoulder-length haircut.

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