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Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 3:15 pm
Pamela Anderson
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Pamela Anderson still has her Baywatch body at 49—but says she actually doesn’t have a strict workout regimen.

“I don’t work out much,” Anderson, who stars in luxury lingerie brand Coco de Mer’s new line, which she helped to design, tells People. “I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum. I’ve always stretched and moved my body with resistance. I like dancing—I was taking ballet in Paris—but I’m double jointed and need to keep my strength. I’m more flexible than strong.”

The actress and brand ambassador for Coco de Mer rarely hits the gym for more traditional fitness sessions.

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“I was in a beautiful hotel with a tiny gym, and I did try the elliptical a few times,” she says. “I read on it—I’m reading Napoleon and Josephine in French right now. It’s a little boring to be in the gym unless I’m reading!”

Anderson credits her vegetarian diet with preserving her youthful body.

“I think being vegetarian has kept me young,” she says. “I am healthy and work hard at that.”

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Her typical diet includes fruit and vegetables (avocados, grapefruit, celery and cucumbers are her go-tos), pistachios, French bread, hummus, pita, decaf cappuccinos—and rosé.

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“I’m drinking too much rosé!” she says. “I could lose a few lbs.!”

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But she’s not stressing out too much about it, and is instead just enjoying the cuisine in her new home of St. Tropez.

“The food is so good in France,” she says. “I think if you enjoy your food, you assimilate it better and your body works best.”

Anderson also opened up about her relationship with Julian Assange.

“Julian is one of my favorite people,” she says. “He’s a gentleman, he is extremely smart, resilient. Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle—I love him for this.”

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