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By Fisher
Updated May 19, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
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Credit: ApeTownDesigns

Yanny or Laurel; Laurel or Yanny. That is the question of 2018.

Full confession, I only listened to the viral Laurel-Yanny loop just now. Whenever memes like this start to flood my social feeds, I inexplicably morph into a nose-in-the-air contrarian who suddenly doesn't even like the internet, refusing to engage even though everyone–from celebrities to the White House–has commented on the audio sensation.

Anyway, I listened.

I definitively hear "Laurel," it's as clear as crystal, I would bet my life on it. So, I turned to my sister, who's in the room with me, expecting us both to roll our eyes at how silly the debate is but ... she heard "Yanny."

While there's science behind why some people hear "Laurel" and others (mistakenly) hear "Yanny" and even a way to hear both, who cares?! Team Laurel all the way!!

People are so staunch in their Laurel-Yanny opinions that, not only has the original audio clip spread like wild fire, but now Laurel and Yanny fans are showing their team with quirky merchandise.

Retailers on Etsy are jumping into the discussion with things like pencils, T-shirts, and posters to help people show their loyalty.

To buy the set: $10;

To buy (12 color options): $22-30;

To buy printable download: $7;

So now, you can actually tell people where you stand without actually saying a word.

And just when you thought the Yanny or Laurel debate would end here, a visual adaptation entered the memosphere.

Mind blown.

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