Is Dylan Douglas trying to give his mom a heart attack? 


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas‘ son is still surprising his parents at every turn.

Dylan Douglas, 19, shared a video of himself on Instagram on Sunday in which he took a leap out of a plane while skydiving. The teenager cheekily wrote in the caption, “Don’t tell mom…”

His mother, 49, assured him she had seen the video, hilariously commenting, “Mom just found out😩😩😩😩.”

Dylan’s older brother, Cameron, showed the teen some support, writing in the comments, “.”

Michael, 74, also shared Dylan’s video, writing, “No I wasn’t the Cameraman! @dylan__douglas.”

The college student has taken a shine to daredevil experiences, including jumping off of a rock while on vacation with friends earlier this month.

Dylan’s fondness for adventure and stunts mirrors another A-lister’s child: Harrison Ford and his son Liam, 18, whom he shares with actress Calista Flockhart.

The Star Wars actor, 77, opened up about skydiving with his son in New Zealand while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in June.

“So was that your first time skydiving? Why would you wait so long to skydive?” Ellen DeGeneres, 61, asked him.

“Probably because Liam said he wanted to do it,” Ford said, explaining it was his son’s “idea.”

He added, “But it was fun, it was great. I did like it.”

When asked if he had any regrets before making the jump, Ford said, “I was looking forward to it. I would [do it again]. I want to take the training and be able to do it myself.”

As for whether Liam was interested in skydiving again, Ford revealed, “We’re talking about it,” before hilariously adding, “We’re not talking to his mother about it.”

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