"I was saving money."

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Meryl Streep
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Meryl Streep is a woman who gets what she wants.

Saoirse Ronan revealed just that during a Little Women post-screening Q&A in Los Angeles Wednesday night featuring director Greta Gerwig and part of the cast, including Streep. According to Los Angeles Times journalist Amy Kaufman, Ronan was “shocked” when the three-time Oscar winner ordered fast food to set while filming the movie.

“At #LittleWomenQ&A, Saoirse Ronan says she was shocked when Meryl Streep ordered @Wendys to set. ‘I was saving money,’ Streep jokes,” the tweet read.

Kaufman also tweeted other reveals from set, including the fact that Gerwig, 36, was pregnant during filming. She’s since welcomed a son with fellow director Noah Baumbach, 50.

“Greta Gerwig was pregnant while filming #LittleWomen . but no one knew. Saoirse Ronan said she thought it was weird that she was wearing ‘like seven layers.’ ‘It was cold, but it wasn’t *that* cold,’ Meryl Streep adds,” Kaufman wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Stars Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh and Laura Dern were also in attendance at the Q&A.

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s coming-of-age classic, the film stars Ronan, Chalamet, Emma Watson, Streep and Dern, plus two rising stars, Eliza Scanlen (HBO’s Sharp Objects) and Pugh (Midsommar).

Ronan, 25, plays the second-eldest of the March sisters, Jo, who revisits experiences with her family for a book she hopes to get published. Watson, 29, is the eldest of the March sisters and aspiring actress Meg, while Scanlen, 20, and Pugh, 23, play younger sisters Beth and Amy. Chalamet, 23, plays Jo’s love interest Laurie. Dern, 52, is their caring mother, Marnee, and Streep, 70, is their sharp-tongued and old-fashioned Aunt March.

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“We wanted it to feel like the movie feels, which is both classical and fresh,” writer/director Gerwig previously told PEOPLE and EW exclusively about crafting the first trailer for the anticipated Christmas release. “But it’s really about these characters and these relationships that have meant so much to me. And then it’s also infused with this mutual energy and this exuberance. And I think that that’s what the actors brought to the film and that’s what cinematography captured.”

Little Women hits theaters Dec. 25.

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