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I've done my fair share of intense workouts, so I thought hot yoga would be easy. Y7, however, was grueling.

As a former member of a first-place high school competition dance team, I’ve had my fair share of grueling, sweat-inducing workouts. So when I was asked to try out Y7, a cult-favorite hot yoga studio and also Meghan Markle’s go-to class to get her ready for the royal wedding, I thought it’d be a piece of cake. I was so wrong.

When I walked into my hour-long We Flow Hard Vinyasa class, I was greeted by a dark, candle-lit room. The temperature is cranked up to about 90 degrees, so if you need to get serious toxins out of your body this will seriously do the trick better than any workout will. I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life, and I’ve done my fair share of cardio.

While I’ve nailed quadruple pirouette turns (I’m laughing at the thought of me attempting even a double now), I definitely felt out of my comfort zone doing these fast sequences, which is kind of the point. So if you’ve avoided yoga because meditative music isn’t your thing, you’ll like Y7 because instead of calming ocean breezes, you’ll listen to Drake and Cardi B to get you pumped for these fast-paced flows.

For anyone who thinks hot yoga is an easy free-for-all activity, think again; this intense workout takes things to an all new, sweatier level. Since this is unlike any other typical yoga class with its fast, choreographed flows, I’d suggest taking the studio’s private classes first to cover the basics (so you know what it means when the teacher calls out yoga poses as you're quickly repeating the movements).

This studio is perfect for people who might be self-conscious in a group class since the room is pitch black, so you can forget about anyone judging you. However, this means the instructor guides you through the class just with his or her voice—not by demonstrating the actual movements, so as a newbie it was tricky to keep up.

Classes cost $25 each, but if you want a more wallet-friendly option, there are plenty of unlimited options for under $180 a month.

Just like anything new, it takes a few times to get the hang of it. If you’ve never tried hot yoga, make sure to hydrate the entire day before, go in with a positive attitude, and expect to sweat in places you never knew you could. After the class, I felt empowered knowing that I tried something I’d never thought I’d do. I'm betting that after a few more classes, I'll feel just like royalty.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple