"Thinking of you."

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Updated Aug 18, 2019 @ 10:45 am

Meadow Walker is remembering her late father Paul Walker with a heartwarming photo.

The daughter of the Fast and the Furious actor, 20, posted a candid photo of her beloved dad on Instagram Saturday. The picture shows the late actor swimming alongside a pig, both looking at each other with big smiles.

“Thinking of you xx,” Meadow, now a model in New York City, captioned the photo.

Meadow Walker
Credit: @meadowwalker/Instagram

His former Fast and the Furious costars wrote loving messages in the comments section, including his on-screen wife Jordana Brewster. “I love this picture,” the actress wrote with Meadow responding: “me too! & I love you.”

Actor Tyrese Gibson commented: “Animal and ocean lover! Never seen this pic! So cool!”

It has been nearly six years since the actor died in a tragic car accident. The devoted dad died on Nov. 30, 2013, at the age of 40.

Walker’s family and friends continue to honor his spirit today.

Last August, those in Walker’s inner circle told PEOPLE that he loved surfing and spending time with his daughter Meadow, who was just 15 at the time of his accident.

“He loved being a dad. He was so proud of her,” his brother Cody said.

A year before his death, Meadow, who had spent most of her childhood living with her mother in Hawaii, decided to move to California and live with her dad. During that time, the two grew extremely close.


Walker’s mother, Cheryl, recalled the joy it brought him to participate in Meadow’s daily activities, like a school dance. “He helped Meadow’s date pin on his boutonnière and drove them to the dance and picked them up. It was so sweet,” she said.

Months later Cheryl added, “I think so many people think, ‘Oh, he was just a movie star who was killed in a car accident.’ But there was so much more to him. That was just a piece of who he was. He was an amazing man.”

“I’ve gotten letters from people all over the world who said he made a difference in their lives,” she said. “That is such a blessing. He’s never forgotten.”

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