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Hair is more than just "hair" to Southern women—it's more of a lifestyle choice. For the amount of work that goes into our daily hair care routines, it’s a wonder how we make it out the door every morning—not to mention down the aisle. When it comes to selecting a hairstyle for the big day, it goes without saying that we've got some opinions. Every Southern bride knows to look for the trifecta of wedding hair: effortless, timeless, and most importantly fuss-free. Enter the textured low bun updo. This über-romantic bridal hairstyle is a favorite among Southern brides, and we’re willing to bet we won’t see the last of it any time soon. Here's why we can't get enough of this chic bridal bun and why we think you'll love it, too.

ThIs Is One of the Most Popular Hairstyles For Southern Brides

It’s adaptable.

No matter the texture, length, or style of your current ‘do, this style is oh-so-easy to create for your big day. Working with the natural movement of your hair, the style can be adjusted to fit your overall aesthetic whether erring on the side of polished and smooth or wispy and ethereal. Face-framing wisps of hair and intricate braids add interest while soft, loose waves keep things romantic and fuss-free. With this hairstyle, the only rules are that there are no rules.

It’s weather (and dance floor) proof.

Southern weather tends to have a mind of its own, and neither Mama nor your wedding planner (bless her heart) can do much about that. In preparing for the inevitable, this hairstyle works “perfectly imperfect” to your benefit. Through high heat, rainstorms, and hours long dance offs, your accidentally-on-purpose loose strands will withstand Mother Nature effortlessly (also due in great part to a load of hairspray). Take that, humidity!

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It’s timeless.

There’s nothing that warrants an eye roll quite like looking back on your wedding photos full of clichéd, overworked, of-the-moment trends. We adore this timeless hairstyle that’s memorable and glamorous in the most understated way. No need for over-the-top hairpins and accessories—this dreamy ‘do speaks for itself.

This Story Originally Appeared On Southern Living