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Feb 07, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

After jumping from the roof of Houston's NRG Stadium during last night's Super Bowl halftime show, Mother Monster announced plans to jump into the celebrity wine business.

TMZ reports that the "Bad Romance" songstress will be releasing a line of "Grigio Girls" wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches named after the bonus track on her hit 2016 album, Joanne.

The song also carries special significance to the pop star, as it was inspired by her friend, Sonja, who was diagnosed with cancer.

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“I wrote a song about how me and all of our girlfriends would get together and cry without her when she’s not around because we love her so much and we just want to be strong with her,” Gaga revealed in a interview.

No word on the brand's official launch date, but the inspiration behind the song is certainly something we can drink to.

Good on you, Gaga!