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It was the ultimate promposal.

Kristen Bell helped a young high school student, Michael, ask his classmate, Sarah, out for prom during Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, by singing altered lyrics of the hit Frozen song, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

Sarah was sent out on a scavenger hunt on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles wearing an Anna costume, reminiscent of the one Bell’s character wears in the film. Her objective: to find Kristoff among the swarms of people on the street and bring him back to the studio.

As Sarah headed out, Bell told the audience it was all a ruse and that Michael was secretly dressed as Kristoff.

“Now to make things more dramatic, Sarah and Michael have never been on a date before,” Bell explained. “Sarah has no idea Michael is asking her to prom. This could go terribly wrong, but you’ve got to admit it would make great TV, right?”

When the pair return to the stage, “Kristoff” takes off his mask and turns to Sarah.

“Sarah, there’s something I wanted to ask you, but I didn’t know the words, so Kristen Bell is going to help me,” Michael said.

As Sarah’s disbelieving face turned toward Bell, the Bad Moms actress said, “Sarah, I want you to think about this. Don’t answer until I’m done singing.”

Bell launched into a rendition of the Frozen hit, changing the lyrics to serve the theme, singing, “Do you want to be his prom date and go with Michael to the prom? He knows your just school buddies, but what the f—, he thinks you’re really cute.”

“He’s asking you to be his prom date, in front of millions of people…” Bell sings as the audience laughs. “If you say no this will be awkward…”

Sarah accepts the cute promposal with an emphatic, “Yes!”

The two will receive a stretch limo to their prom, while Sarah will be helped by a glam squad and Michael will be given a tuxedo rental.

Bell isn’t the only one to help out students with promposals. Recently, Emma Stone turned down an invitation to attend an Arizona student’s prom, but sent him and his date, a fellow student, a gift.

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