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Let’s face it: Shopping for your mom isn’t always easy, especially if you want to go beyond the typical Mother’s Day gifts of flowers or a spa day (both great options but maybe you do those a lot?). But here's the thing: I’ve found the ultimate foolproof gift, vetted by my own mom. It’s the Dani earrings from Kendra Scott, which come in a rainbow of colored stones.

Picking out jewelry for your mom, or really anyone, is always tricky since it’s such a personal item. But the best part about these is that they come in gorgeous stones like mother of pearl and opal, which are classic and definitely mom-approved gems. Mix and match the stones with metals including rose gold, silver, and gold for a unique Mother's Day present (she deserves it, right?).

If these perfectly sized earrings look familiar, you’ve probably seen their big sister version (the Danielle earrings) on Instagram. Both options are great, but because these are smaller and lighter, they're great to wear every day—not just on a special occasion.

So when you gift your number one lady these this year, prepare for her to want every color to match her entire wardrobe. And when you’ve given her all the color options, you can give her a matching bracelet or necklace to match. Mother’s Day shopping just got way less stressful.

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