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By Kirkpatrick
Updated Jul 31, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

A lot has changed for Jessica Simpson since her days spent musing about the true meaning behind the phrase “Chicken of the Sea” and advertising satellite television providers while clad simply in her Daisy Dukes.

While those denim hot pants haven’t gone anywhere, the pop star has now transformed herself into a full blown fashion mogul, building up an eponymous billion dollar empire. But just because she’s now a high-flying style entrepreneur doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have super relatable, everyday problems just like the rest of us. A fact she proved in the latest shot she shared on Instagram showing off her hairy legs.

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

As any mother with two young children running around the house can attest, there’s not a whole lot of time left over at the end of the day to pay attention to yourself and your needs. A fact that only becomes even more salient for a matriarch with an ever-expanding fashion line and a comeback album in the works in addition to her two kids under the age of six. So understandably, Jessica doesn’t exactly have time to pay attention to all the details and make sure that everything is done flawlessly the first time around, as her only partially shaved legs clearly demonstrate.

The singer shared a close up shot of her calf on Instagram on Sunday with light pouring in from the windows in front of her, making the long, rogue hairs on her legs really show up in contrast.

Jessica cheekily captioned the shot, “Missed a spot…” poking fun at the fact that despite clearly having just shaved her legs, in her haste a tragedy befell her that every woman who has ever shaved her legs is all too familiar with, missing a wide swatch of some very long strands.

Thankfully, as many of her fans pointed out, Jessica was blessed with platinum blonde leg hair so even if she accidentally missed half her thigh the chances of someone mistaking her for the second coming of Teen Wolf are still very unlikely.

This Story Originally Appeared On People