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It’s hard to imagine Jessica Alba as anything but poised — but as the actress and Honest Company co-founder recalls, pregnancy was a bit different.

“On a daily basis, when the blood sugar got low, I would go crazy,” Alba, 37, told People with a laugh during a recent taping of Celeb Parents Get Real.

“I didn’t mean to. I would just lose my mind a little bit,” explains the star, who welcomed her third child, son Hayes Alba, on New Year’s Eve. “I would just break out into a sweat and I would get thirsty and I couldn’t find words.”

“I would just grunt, like an animal,” she jokes, laughing. “Good times. Good times, being pregnant.”

Alba’s youngest child recently modeled for his mama’s company, grinning ear to ear as he wore a panda-print diaper — and matching bib! — from Honest. The newest diapers boast eco-friendly materials, an extra-comfortable liner, a new True Absorb Core for better leak protection, an improved fit and more.

But even the face of Honest can’t be prepared for parenting snafus 100 percent of the time. As Alba (also mom to daughters Haven Garner, 7, and Honor Marie, 10) recalls, there was a time when she had to get creative for one of her daughters.

“I have made the mistake of not having diapers, and it’s always at the worst time,” she tells People, adding of her most embarrassing mom moment, “Probably walking out of a restaurant with a swaddle blanket around my kid because I didn’t have any more diapers and she pooped through three outfits and on me. Really fun.”

The biggest thing the Sin City star has learned from her own parents that she and husband Cash Warren are passing down to their kids is the value of working hard for what you want.

“Things aren’t gonna always come easy in life and anything that’s worth having, you have to work for,” she says. “I wasn’t naturally really good at anything, so it always took a great deal of effort to accomplish anything for me.”

Alba adds, “It’s just a good life lesson for my kids.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People