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Sep 02, 2017 @ 6:45 pm

From asking our hairdressers for “the Rachel” to stocking our wardrobes with overalls, it’s safe to say Rachel Green’s style has influenced us. Now, Jennifer Aniston is sharing her Friends beauty secrets, including Rachel’s go-to lip color.

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The shade? MAC Paramount Satin Lipstick, which Aniston described in a recent interview as “browny brick” and her “go-to color when I was doing Friends.” The best part? You can still buy this lipstick at your local makeup counter to channel your inner Rachel.

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The lipstick, which retails for $17.50 and is available online, currently has more than 2,600 reviews that date back to age of Friends. Recent comments continue to laud the lipstick for its greatness.

“The color is flattering to ANY skin color, the pigment is fabulous, the coverage is gorgeous and blendable if you wanted to layer it with a lipglass or create a custom color,” a recent review reads.

OK, we’re sold.

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Aniston said it has been fun to watch some of these ‘90s trends resurface today, but noted there are certainly some styles that should stay in the past, including tiny sunglasses.

“I just think they’re ridiculous," Aniston told Glamour. "I’m not a fan of those little tiny spectacles; I’m a fan of classic sunglasses. That was very ’90s, wasn’t it? When you would see those little tiny frames, those were brought back from the John Lennon days. They’re always sort of regurgitating trends.”

During her discussion with Glamour, Aniston shared her experience overcoming constant tabloid speculation about her personal life. She said she learned how to ignore the scrutiny over her relationship and inaccurate pregnancy rumors.

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"I mean, it’s like they take a picture of you and create this story. If your body is in a normal moment of having had a bite or two, or you’re having a moment of bloat, then there’s arrows circled around your stomach, telling you that you’re pregnant. And it’s like, actually no, it’s just my body. Not that it’s any of your business to begin with. Having a child, as we know, is no one’s business except the couple or individual that’s going through it."

Preach, Jen. And thanks for the lipstick tip.