But a pair of sunglasses got in the way.

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Updated Jul 27, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

Jenna Bush Hager could have been Prince Harry‘s sister-in-law…if it wasn’t for a sunny day.

During a candid conversation about sunglasses on Friday’s Today, the host revealed that shades perhaps ruined her matchmaking attempt between Prince Harry and her twin sister, Barbara.

Jenna interviewed the royal for his 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando, where Harry suggested they wear sunglasses to avoid squinting in the bright sun.

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“He has really beautiful light eyes, which are sensitive to the sun. I know because my daughters have light eyes,” the former first daughter recalled. “Prince Harry was like, ‘We have to wear sunglasses, don’t you think? I was like, ‘Well, if he says it’s okay!’ “

However, Jenna shared that she regretted the decision because it felt like there was a “barrier between us.” She also suggested that the shades foiled her plan to set Barbara and Harry up on the blind date since they were both single at the time. (Harry met future wife Meghan Markle just two months later after they were set up on a blind date!)

“I felt like maybe if he could see straight into my eyes,” she said. “That could have worked if my sunglasses weren’t blocking.”

Even with the glasses on, Harry wasn’t entirely opposed to the idea.

“He said, ‘Let’s talk later,’ ” Jenna recalled. “Then he got married to Meghan Markle.”

The Today show host asked Prince Harry about his love life during the interview, saying, “Does it make you laugh that people are already asking you about children? I mean, it’s sort of jumping ahead a couple steps.”

“Everybody’s always asking me. I have no idea. I haven’t even got a girlfriend at the moment,” Harry replied with a laugh.

That’s when Jenna interjected. “I have a single sister, and she feels the same way. Listen, she’s available. She’s going to kill me.”

“We can talk maybe off air,” Harry replied.

“Okay, I’ll give you her number,” Jenna said.

Even though the televised matchmaking attempt totally “humiliated” her sister, Jenna told PEOPLE shortly after the interview that it wasn’t that crazy of an idea.

“You know, my parents were set up on a blind date so if I could set my sister up And Prince Harry’s a great guy,” she said. “I mean, the work that he does with the Invictus Games is so important.”

"Corgis Scare Me."
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Jenna admits it wasn’t the first time she’s tried to play matchmaker for her twin, but it was her first attempt at landing Barbara a royal.

“Never with a prince,” Jenna said.

Everything worked out in the end. Prince Harry married Meghan in May 2018, and the two welcomed son Archie on May 6. And Barbara wed screenwriter Craig Coyne in a “very short, sweet ceremony” at the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, Maine, last October.

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