This genius product will clean your Beautyblender and makeup brushes and keep breakouts in check.

By Susan Brickell/HEALTH.COM
Updated Feb 10, 2019 @ 10:00 am
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If thinking about the last time you cleaned your Beautyblender sponge or makeup brushes makes you cringe, listen up.

"You should be washing your brushes on a regular basis, but especially when it comes to brushes that you use with cream or liquid makeup," Zoe Boikou, founder of Zoeva brushes, explained to Health previously. Beautyblenders are often used to apply liquid formulas, so it's particularly important to keep those clean.

When you don't regularly clean your tools, old makeup, dirt, and grime can build up. The result? A breeding ground for bacteria that you transfer to your face with each swirl and swipe. Evenif you have a diligent skincare routine, dirty tools can lead to breakouts. Yuck!

Luckily, we've discovered a crazy affordable product that will help you quickly clean your Beautyblender and makeup brushes to keep acne in check.


The E.L.F. Solid Sponge Cleanser ($4; works like magic to deep-clean your makeup sponges and brushes. It not only removes makeup, but also zaps bacteria and dirt.

Formulated with buzzy skincare ingredient charcoal (read: it draws impurities out) and tea tree oil (a natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent that minimizes acne-causing bacteria) this cleanser thoroughly cleans your sponges to help prevent breakouts.

To put it to the test, remove the cleanser from its case (it pops out like a bar of soap). Wet your Beautyblender or makeup brush and massage it across the cleanser, creating a nice, foamy lather.Rinse your makeup sponge, brush, and the cleansing bar with warm water and set aside to dry. Be sure to allow the cleanser to dry fully before putting it back in the case.

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There's no limit to the praise this solid cleanser has received. "I literally just finished cleaning ALL my brushes and beauty sponges in a fraction of the time—the whole process took maybe two minutes tops," one reviewer raved.

"I have told everyone to get this," shared another. "So affordable and it was so easy to clean my brushes and sponges! I'll definitely be cleaning them more often now because this doesn't make me dread the process of it anymore."

As a bonus, the E.L.F. Solid Cleanser comes in a nifty, travel-friendly case, so you can toss it in your purse or carry-on. You'll never have an excuse to let your Beautyblender or makeup brushes get caked with gunk again.

This Story Originally Appeared On Health