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By TIME.COM/Lena Grossman
Mar 29, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Ben Margot/AP Photo

Hillary Clinton broke with sartorial tradition Tuesday night when she spoke at the conference for professional businesswomen conference in San Francisco. Rather than donning her classic pantsuit, Clinton told the world she was back in action while wearing a leather jacket and floral shirt.

Clinton’s pantsuits became her trademark look, often wearing specific colored pieces with historical significance behind them. Critics often focused on her clothing and accessory choices, but this ensemble shocked—and pleased—her supporters.

While she spoke at the Professional BusinessWomen of California annual conference about being “thrilled to be out of the woods” and continuing to fight “for a fairer, big-hearted, inclusive America,” the Internet couldn’t get past Clinton’s outfit du jour.

People took to Twitter to comment on her new look.


Hillary Clinton came back wearing a leather suit jacket and a floral shirt. She ain't got a care in the world..

— CiCi Adams (@CiCiAdams_) March 29, 2017




This leather jacket has @HillaryClinton looking extra ready to lead the rebellion.

— Frank Hopper (@franklyh91) March 29, 2017




Me waking to see @HillaryClinton is out again slaying in a leather jacket and speaking up for women and minorities 👏👏👏

— Ava Jennette (@avajennette) March 29, 2017




@yashar @HillaryClinton is out here serving Pat Benatar realness in a perfectly snug leather jacket all while dropping knowledge #slayme

— Finessa_Trilliams💋 (@C_Jill_Run) March 29, 2017




@Fab_Uni @HillaryClinton Hillary came out in her fighting clothes A black leather jacket says I'm here & I'm ready to fight I'm coming 4 you

— AlexisB (@tudorqueenAB) March 29, 2017




OBSESSED with HRC in the leather jacket. @HillaryClinton #HBIC #slay

— Mel Mar (@southsidesass) March 29, 2017




@AprilDRyan Hillary Clinton is an unrepentant badass. 💕Just look at her showing up in a leather jacket like a 21st century superhero.

— Chrissy Horansky (@MissMillennial) March 29, 2017